Sustainable Tourism vs Climate Change Tourism to restore economies and slow down climate change Before the Covid-19 Crisis tourism received a lot of critic. Many people think that it isn’t sustainable and ethical to travel for fun, while our carbon footprint might cause the temperature on earth to rise with dangerous consequences. Especially flying as a leisure activity is heavily criticized. So what options does the environmentally concerned tourist have to enjoy a sustainable vacation? Is sustainable tourism possible, or is the only responsible action to restrict holidays to places that can be reached by foot, bike, or sailing boat? But what consequences will this have on our society? What if the overall benefits of tourism are bigger than the

Amazon Jungle Info This post provides you with more information about the western Amazon Rainforest, including: Madidi National Park Beni Biosphere Reserve and Serere Sanctuary in Bolivia Pacaya Samiria National Reserve, close to Iquitos, Peru Manu (Biosphere) Reserve Tambopata Candamo Reserve and Bahuaja-Sonene National Park in Peru Cuyabeno Wildlife Reserve and Yasuni National Park in Ecuador Madidi National Park Was created in 1995. Officially The PN (Parque Nacional) and IMNA (Integrated Management Natural Area) Madidi covers 18,957.5 km2 (1,895,740 ha, or 4,5000,000 acres) of which 12,715 km² come under the heading of National Park and 6,242.5 km² are categorized under the Integrated Management Natural Area. This area ranges from the Amazonian lowlands of the rivers Heath and Tuichi, at 200

Which Amazon Tour to Choose? A Comparison between the Manu, Tambopata, Iquitos, Madidi and Cuyabeno Amazon Reserves It is difficult to describe exact what the differences are between these nature Reserves in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. The nature is very diverse and never the same and impressions can be different depending on weather, season, month, day or even seconds between spotting or not spotting that jaguar that just crossed the river bank. At a recent survey in October 2011 done with the support of National Geographic they discovered 19 different jaguars in the Madidi reserve! All National Reserves or Parks have in common that they are home to many different mammal species, including different monkey species, cats, capybara’s and more.