Hidden international banking fees How often has it happened to you that you made an international payment outside of the Euro Zone only to find out later that not all of your money arrived? Or suddenly at the end of the month you see some unknown fee on your bank receipt? It makes you wonder what went wrong. You know what your banking fees are, so it must be the fault of the bank which received the payment. Maybe the receiving bank is very expensive, or they just thought that you wouldn’t notice. But you did notice and now you’re wondering Sorry to bring it to you, but if this has happened to you it is actually your own bank

Tips and experiences from solo female travelers who traveled independenty in South America In an age where people stay single longer, it is only logical that there will be more solo travelers, however what surprised me over the years is that I met more solo female travelers than solo male travelers. Research even shows that more than two thirds of the solo travelers are women, which is in contradiction with commonly expected behavior. In general solo male travelers are admired for their bravery and adventurous personality, while solo female travelers are often met with false judgment, concerned tones, and raised eyebrows. Popular questions include: “Are you married? Why not? When are you going to settle down, have a family, stop

Friends and colleagues of Fairtravel4u + Helpful travel links in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and more! The full list with links to colleagues and friends of Fairtravel4u. Please let us know if you want to link your site to us and become part of our ever growing family! www.bibliotrek.be -> Your specialist in hiking and nature guides. Ultimate Descents  -> Exploring Wild Himalayan Rivers! Borderlands -> Eco-Adventure Resorts in Nepal! Nature Treks -> for beautiful treks through the Himalayan Mountains Amazon Tours -> Tours into the Amazon Rainforest Amazone tours -> Tours naar de Amazone van Ecuador, Peru en Bolivia Norske.nl -> Hurtigruten, unieke cruise Noorse fjorden per postboot Bemytravelmuse -> Experiences from a solo female traveler Pacific Medical Training -> Useful information about travel insurances