Original Yoga tours in Ecuador!

Yoga tours classes Izhcayluma EcuadorTravel with us to visit one of the dearest children of Pacha Mama – Ecuador.
Together with several Yoga resorts and lodges in Ecuador we have developed new Yoga and Wellness tours. Our original tours are specially designed for people who love nature and Yoga and bring peace back to body and mind

During these tours we will take you on a journey through the Andes Mountain Range, the Amazon Rainforest, and along the Pacific Coast, discovering more about your own body and mind as well as experiencing the breathtaking magnificence of those varied landscapes.
You will be able to practice Yoga surrounded by sacred mountains, mystical rainforest and with the sound of the endless Pacific waves in the background!

Our longer Yoga and Wellness tours are best suited to groups of people who have about the same level of experience in practicing Yoga. Therefore we would like to invite Yoga teachers from all over the world to have a look at these new options for organizing Yoga Tours in Ecuador. Please let us know your thoughts and recommendations: Contact.

All our Yoga Tours in Ecuador

Izhcayluma Lodge Ecuador Tour

Ecuador Relaxation Tour

Are you close to a burn-out, exhausted from having stress at work, or do you want to prevent to get
per person
8 days
Hosteria Izhcayluma, swimming pool

Groups Relaxation tours Ecuador

Are you stressed and close to a burnout, or do you want to prevent it getting this far? Time to
per person
9 days
Air Yoga class at Izhcaluma

Yoga and Nature Tour in Ecuador

Bring peace back to body and mind and join us on this amazing journey through Ecuador. Travel over the sacred
per person
14 days
Yoga class at Izhcayluma

15 Day Yoga Exploration Retreat

Join us on this nourishing yoga and wellness tour exploring the beauty that is Ecuador! Imagine practicing yoga in the
15 days
El Acantilado Yoga Lodge

Yoga and Wellness Group Tour in Ecuador

During this original Yoga Retreat-Tour you will not just stay at one place, but you will also travel around through
15 days