We offer fair tourism in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia

Time is not for sale. But we can help you buying unforgettable memories from traveling in Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador!

Traveling is not just about moving from A to B to be able to take a ‘selfie’ at your destination. Traveling is an integral part of our society. It is about real experiences and adventures, moving around, feeling, breathing deeply and connecting with other people, yourself and the elements;

The goal of Fairtravel4u is to offer realistic and responsible tours to Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia for people and nature, with fair prices for everyone involved.

For the sake of our planet and ourselves it is important to try to travel in a sustainable way. Fly responsible, don’t ask for too much luxury, but don’t be a cheap traveler either. Your local spendings in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia can be very important for the local economy and community of developing countries. In our book and on our website Tourism vs Climate Change we give provide many tips about how to be a more sustainable traveler.

Years of traveling, volunteering and organizing tours in South America also taught us about the importance of quality travel information, so please check our blog for practical information and the latest updates about traveling in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia, and our standard Peru tours, Bolivia tours and Ecuador tours!

If you want to save time and worries before and during your travels, feel free to contact us. Let us help you to organize your customized tour and you don’t have to worry anymore about the logistics of booking your hotels, (Machu Picchu) tours, transport, etc.

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Why Choose Us?

Fair Prices

Fair Prices for everyone involved: tourists, local businesses and tour workers.

Honest information

If your tour includes long travel times or local challenges, we´ll tell you before you commit to your booking.

Our experience is at your service

Let us help you organize your trip, we’ll save you time and effort during your travels.

We work with excellent companies

We have excellent and long-standing relations with our providers and partners, and that means a great experience for you.

We handle unforeseen circumstances

We help you 24/7 to solve any unexpected circumstances that may arise.

Volunteer work

Years of experience in volunteer work in these countries help us point you in the right direction.

2 Free Spanish classes with every tour

Enrich your experience learning at least a few words of Spanish through Skype with a very experienced teacher.

Sustainable travel

Our tours are built around the idea of sustainability so future generations are able to enjoy them as well.

Recommended by Footprint Travel

Our services are recommended by the well-known Footprint Travel Guide Book for backpackers in South America.

Customized Tours within your time and budget!

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Tourism in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia | Customized Tours

Sometimes all it takes is just one step in the right direction

Ecuador tours, Peru tours and Bolivia tous offer travelers an amazing variety of natural and cultural highlights that deserve to be experienced. These highlights inlclude, but are surely not limited to, Machu Picchu, the Galapagos Islands, Salar de Uyuni, Lake Titicaca, the Nazca Lines, the Amazon Rainforest, etc., etc..  The residents of Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia are friendly, and traveling has become easier with good public transportation systems. For more information we also recommend you to ready our articles about the general safety in Peru and the safety of overnight buses in Peru.

Still, some cultural traits of Latin American countries can frustrate travelers, such as the lack of organization and punctuality.

Our extensive experience of more than 18 years travelling in this region allows us to offer you a fantastic experience that combines Latin American culture with western expectations.

Our services provide you tailored tours and professional assistance before, during and after your travels to Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador. This way you can relax and enjoy discovering their unique natural landscapes, learn more about their rich history and experience their culture. Just let us worry about your logistics.

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