Sustainable tourism to restore the economy and slow down climate change Before the Covid-19 Crisis tourism received a lot of critic. Many people think that it isn’t sustainable and ethical to travel for fun, while our carbon footprint might cause the temperature on earth to rise with dangerous consequences. Especially flying as a leisure activity is heavily criticized. So what options does the environmentally concerned tourist have to enjoy a sustainable vacation? Is sustainable tourism possible, or is the only responsible action to restrict holidays to places that can be reached by foot, bike, or sailing boat? But what consequences will this have on our society? What if the overall benefits of tourism are bigger than the negative effects it

Can tourism and travelling be sustainable? How travelling and tourism has evolved . Modern (mass) tourism . Bad information attracts inexperienced travellers . Incomplete and wrongly informed tourists . Consequences of too many tourists – Are Eco tourism and Volunteer tourism sustainable? . Eco Lodges . Volunteer work – Tips to make tourism more sustainable: . Travel responsible . Mentality and expectations while traveling . Respect the local culture . Respect the local laws and rules . Be careful using bookings websites for places to stay . South American or foreign companies – How tourism can maintain/ improve its destination . The future of traveling Sustainable tourism is currently a very hot topic and companies who want to improve their