General Conditions

Below you can read about the general sales conditions of Fairtravel4u. These conditions are part of the agreement between Fairtravel4u, its customers and the partners that Fairtravel4u works with, therefore Fairtravel4u is obligated to publish these conditions and send the link to its customers and business partners.

If the customer confirms his reservation, he automatically accepts the general conditions of Fairtravel4u.

Fairtravel4u is obligated to provide the reserved service in conformity with the information that was sent before the reservation to the client. In the rare case of complaints that cannot be solved satisfactory, the client can present his complaint with the therefore authorized authorities from the Netherlands and/or the country in which he is traveling.

Fairtravel4u is an official Dutch company, registration number 52269698 (with the KvK). Therefore we are obligated to follow Dutch law restrictions. Our general conditions are based on the Dutch law.

To improve our services towards our clients and improve the local impact of tourism, we do work closely with local agencies in several countries to organize our tours.





  1. We want to make sure to inform you about the fact that most of our tours go through less developed countries. This means that several situations are more difficult to control than in a western society. This ads to the adventures character of our tours, but also involves some comprehension from us and yourself.
  2. It means that most live and travel conditions in these countries are not as well developed as in most western countries. Although we do our best to deliver a high service quality reasonable within the circumstances, hotels and transport might be ‘less luxury’ than you are used to.
  3. Roads may have dangerous holes, or unmarked speed bumps, which are not always easy to notice on time. When available while traveling, make sure to wear your safety belt at all times to prevent unnecessary injuries.
  4. This means sometimes that local laws, (safety) rules, appointments and similar agreements may have different ways to interpret. Try to be flexible and keep an open mind.



  1. We reject any responsibility in case of unexpected or uncontrollable circumstances or in case of incidents that concern the responsibility of the client. Furthermore, we are not responsible for delays or cancellations of flights or from any other means of transport that influence the further program of the client.
  2. We reserve the right to cancel or modify any program due to unexpected or uncontrollable circumstances (for example: climatic circumstances, bad road conditions, failure in public transport, affairs in the internal political situation, wars, strikes, natural disasters or other excesses) that makes it impossible to complete with the clients program or to guarantee the safety of our staff and / or the client.
  3. We reject any responsibility in case of extraordinary situations that have to do with the clients’ safety and that can lead to personal injuries, loss or theft of personal belongings, or other consequences, caused by actions, illegitimate behavior or neglect of the client himself.
  4. We reserve the right to cancel any program due to the clients’ bad health or physical condition.
  5. Loss, because of cancellations due to the above-described incidents cannot be compensated when the client can be blamed for the incident (for example: neglect, illegitimate behavior, or the clients’ bad health).
  6. When the client cannot be blamed for the above-described incidents (due to for example: climatic circumstances, natural disasters, bad road conditions, failure in public transport, strikes or wars), Fairtravel4u will carry her own costs. If this is possible the costs of the client will be compensated as far reasonably possible by Fairtravel4u. The loss compensated by Fairtravel4u cannot be more than 80% of the total costs of the service reserved with Fairtravel4u. In case of reservations made by Fairtravel4u with third parties (for example: transport companies, hotels, the Galapagos Islands, the Inca Trail or any other excursion to Machu Picchu), restitution of the costs will depend on the general conditions of this third party.
  7. The possible extra costs made in case of modifications of the program due to the above-described incidents, will always be charged to the client. We will only modify the program after receiving the clients’ approval by letter and the possible extra payment. Fairtravel4u reserves the right to cancel the program without the possibility of restitution, when the client doesn’t approve with the suggested modification.
  8. We reserve the right to occasionally collaborate with other operators in case we do not have the personal to operate the tour ourselves. The client will always be notified in advance.
  9. We reject any responsibility in case of incorrect information provided by third parties, regarding our services or prices.



  1. We recommend reserving your tour/program at least 3 months in advance. We recommend reserving the Inca Trail as far in advance as possible.
  2. The client needs to have the necessary visas and passports, that means: all the documents that are required by the authorized authorities of the countries to be visited. In case of any doubts the client has to contact the embassy of his country in the countries he wants to visit.
    It’s the responsibility of the client himself to correctly provide us of all his personal information, including his passport number. The client will pay the extra costs due to incorrect or incomplete information.
  3. The client must have all the vaccinations and all the medicines with him that he needs for a good health and may not take any health risks before or during his journey.
  4. We do try to work with local agencies and transport companies which have an insurance. But we have to inform the client that this option isn’t always available and even if there is an insurance its coverage is usual minimum.
  5. The client must have a travel and a health insurance. In case of the clients’ participation in sports or activities subscribed as ‘dangerous’ (for example: paragliding, rafting, mountain biking, mountaineering), the client must have an insurance that covers these activities. We can ask the client to demonstrate his insurance before his participation in those activities. We fully reject any responsibility in case of incidents or injuries in those sports and activities; the client takes the full responsibility. We might ask you to sign a disclaimer before we allow you to join certain excursions. When something (for example: illness or injury) happens to the client, Fairtravel4u will undertake every possible action on behalf of the clients’ safety and good health, but the costs of this will be completely paid by the client.



Our prices are in U.S. Dollars, include taxes and are variable without preceding notification due to season, availability, or changes in the exchange rates of dollar, euro, boliviano, sol, etc. At the moment of reservation all prices will be finally confirmed and cannot be changed anymore, with an exception of the prices for the flight tickets. Unfortunately the variation in prices for flight tickets is very difficult to anticipate. We could have chosen to charge you the maximum price to start with, but don’t think this is fair. Therefore all prices are based on our latest info and we will notify you as soon as possible if anything changes. All the specified services are included in the prices.



  1. We accept written reservations to our email, together with a prepayment of at least 50% of the total price, deposited in the bank account mentioned below.
  2. After receiving the reservation and the prepayment of at least 50%, we’ll send the client a confirmation of the program, a prove of payment and supplementary information.
  3. At least a month before the start of the tour/program, we need to have received the 100% payment. The money must be deposited in the bank account mentioned hereunder. The client must pay all the costs of the international bank transfers. In case of not receiving the full payment (on time), we reserve the right to cancel the reservation. We will notify the client as soon as possible.
  4. For last-moment reservations (less than 31 days before the start of the program) we only accept direct payments by internet. We can only reserve the program after receiving the 100% payment.



Bank Name: Rabobank Alkmaar
Name of account holder:
Account number: 1090.65.824
IBAN code: NL95RABO0109065824
Swift/ Bic code: RABONL2U ( some banks ask for 11 digits, which will then be: RABONL2uXXX )

International Bank Address: RABOBANK, CROESELAAN 18, UTRECHT 3521 CB
Name and address of account holder:  Martijn Steijn, Jan van Gentstraat 35, 1755 PB Petten

Tours need to be paid under the name Fairtravel4u and with the booking number of the tour.



When the client decides to cancel his program, a possible, partial restitution of the costs will depend on the decisions made by Fairtravel4u, based on the following criterion:

  1. From the prepayment of 50% a maximum of 40% can be refunded.
    Important, in case of reservations that Fairtravel4u made with third parties (for example: transport companies, hotels, the Galapagos Islands, the Inca Trail, or any excursion to Machu Picchu) and that are already prepaid, restitution depends on the conditions of the third party. Flight tickets are othen NOT refundable.
    Note: Due to the strict regulations from the Peruvian Government about walking the Inca Trail and visiting the archeological site of Machu Picchu, any money paid for reservations can not be refunded.
  2. From the total payment a maximum of 50% can be refunded until 30 days before departure of your tour. A maximum of 40% can be refunded until 20 days before departure of your tour. A maximum of 25% can be refunded until 10 days before departure of your tour. By cancelation within the last 10 days before departure of your tour it is often not possible to give any refunds anymore.
    Important, in case of reservations that Fairtravel4u made with third parties (for example: transport companies, The Galapagos Islands, hotels, etc. and that are already prepaid, restitution depends on the conditions of the third party.
  3. In case of cancellation by the client, our operators for the Galapagos will charge the following fees:
    • Cancellations within 120 days or more prior cruise departure date will have a cancellation fee of 150 USD per person for administrative expenses and the remaining balance of the deposit will be refunded.
    • Cancellations between 119 to 91 days prior cruise departure date will have full deposit as cancellation fee (30% of the total amount of the trip).
    • Cancellations between 90 to 61 days prior cruise departure date will have a cancellation fee of 50% of the total amount of your trip.
    • Cancellations within 60 days prior cruise departure date full cancellation fees will be applied (100% of the total amount of your trip).
  4. In case of group-tours: the extra costs for the other travelers resulting from your cancellation will be recharged on the amount, available for restitution.
  5. Clients who voluntary passes over an activity during his program cannot claim restitution.

Exceptional cancellation circumstances:
In case of cancellations due to serious and provable illness or because of other serious circumstances, the client has to respect the following rules:

  1. Cancellations will only be accepted in writing.
  2. In case of illness of the client or a clients’ first grade family member, the client has to present a written medical statement in English, which will be evaluated by a physician of Fairtravel4u.
  3. Fairtravel4u will evaluate the situation together with the client and consider a partial restitution. We will do our best to make this amount as close to the initial payment as possible. In this case we will not charge any profit, but we will also not pay extra for the costs we have already made with other operators.



  • If you booked a guided tour we will provide an experienced and/or well trained tour leader, who is well prepared to manage most possible situations during the tour. However, even he or she might be confronted with new situations, we ask you for your understanding.
  • Our tour leaders are well informed about the local costumes and environment, but are no guides. This because of local (employment) restrictions. Where possible we offer the option to additional hire a local guide, for example to visit an archeological site. We do recommend the traveler to take a pocket guide book with to learn more about the places we visit.
  • During the tour we provide middle class accommodations with a standard that is in comprehension with the price of the tour and local circumstances.
  • Transport during the tour will either be with public or private transport and can involve transport by bus, taxi, boat, train or different. We do our best to work with reliable agencies, but due to circumstances described above their services can’t always be as guaranteed.



The client will be charged 25 for administration costs for any modification in an already reserved program. Modifications will depend on availability and possible extra costs (for example: a change of flight, extra overnight stays) will always be paid by the client.



The client is obligated to comply with all the indications of Fairtravel4u to guarantee a good journey. We reject any responsibility in any case of material or personal damage due to actions, illegitimate behavior or neglect of our clients. All compensations and costs, also those claimed by third parties, would be completely paid by the client, who furthermore will take the full responsibility for the damage caused. Moreover, we reserve the right to cancel the rest of the program in extraordinary cases.



In case of an extraordinary situation not considered in this document, of which both sides cannot reach an agreement, we will present the issue to the administrative and judicial authorities in the Netherlands.




Considering the new European privacy law; General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), we would like to inform in order to be able to make reservations for your tour, we will request certain personal information. What we need to know, depends on the type of reservations, but we assure you that all personal information we receive from you will only be used to book Lodging, guided tours, transport and/or restaurants. We don’t share your personal information with any other company which isn’t directly involved in organizing your travel services and therefore doesn’t need your personal information.


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