All the pictures on this page were taken by Fairtravel4u or one of our clients during thier tour through Ecuador. We only publish ‘natural pictures’, in other words, none of our pictures of Ecuador are enhanced to make reality look more attractive. We believe in the benefits of providing authentic travel information about Ecuador and an authentic travel experience in Ecuador.

If you would like to see short videos of popular destinations in Ecuador, I can recommend to check out our YouTube channel: Fairtravel4u to Ecuador.

Some of our original tour examples

in ecuador

Flexible Ecuador Rental Car Tour

Combine the freedom of driving a rental car in Ecuador with the services from a travel agency!
22 days

One Week Honeymoon in Ecuador

This tour in Ecuador is for those who are about to get married, or planning a second honeymoon and have
9 days

Galapagos, Amazon and Volunteering 44d

Combine traveling and voluntering in Ecuador and experience in 6 weeks the beauty of Ecuadorian nature, while helping to protect
44 days