Information about Machu Picchu and joining Machu Picchu Tours: If you want to visit Machu Picchu, but don’t know yet where to start, we can recommend to read the following information about Machu Picchu, so you will be well prepared. The Machu Picchu ticket price to only enter the archaeological site of Machu Picchu is at the moment of writing (February 2024) 152 Soles, around 40 US$. This ticket is only valid for max. four hours and to follow one of the 4 designated walking circuits. To climb either the Huayna Picchu, or Machu Picchu Mountain, you need to buy a special ticket for 200 Soles (around 52 US$)! When you hike the Inca Trail it is NOT possible to

When to travel to Peru? Customers often ask when is the best time to travel to Peru. Although Peru is located in the Southern Hemisphere and its summer falls in our winter, it is often not the best time to travel. This is because summer in Peru corresponds to the rainy season. Especially in the highlands and in the Amazon rainforest. This means that there is a high chance of rain every day. Now a real Dutchman is of course not afraid of a little rain. But when he goes on holiday to Peru, he prefers as little rain as possible. Few people will enjoy navigating the whole day around on Lake Titicaca in the pouring rain. A visit to

Hiking in Ecuador Ecuador is a versatile country and is ideal for beautiful hiking trips. The varied landscapes provide a special experience while hiking. In addition to the beautiful hiking trails that Ecuador offers, the country is also known for its large number of mountains. This makes Ecuador very suitable for mountaineers. But what are the best tours for hiking in Ecuador? Hiking Ecuador and mountaineering in Ecuador Ecuador is about 7 times the size of the Netherlands. It is a fertile country with large differences in height on a relatively small surface. This ensures a wide variety of landscapes, which makes hiking in Ecuador attractive. Those who prefer to climb a mountain can also indulge themselves in Ecuador. There

Soon also in English! Individuele rondreis Peru Bolivia De populariteit van individuele reizen, of solo reizen is de laatste jaren sterk toegenomen en dan kunnen een individuele rondreis Peru en/of Bolivia niet achterblijven. Het zijn beide landen die voor individuele reizigers aantrekkelijk zijn. Opkomst van de individuele reiziger Individuele reizigers behoren tot een steeds groter wordende groep gelijkgestemden. Er zijn verschillende redenen waarom individuele rondreizen in populariteit zijn gestegen. Een belangrijke reden is dat de samenstelling van de samenleving veranderd is. Er zijn steeds meer mensen die alleen wonen. Ook is reizen goedkoper geworden en onze mentaliteit veranderd. Waren mensen vroeger misschien nog wat terughoudend om alleen op reis te gaan vanwege de extra kosten en de angst voor het

Car Rental in Ecuador This article will soon also be in English Een auto huren in Ecuador? Waar moet je rekening mee houden? Na de Corona Crisis is er meer vraag naar rondreizen door Ecuador met een huurauto. Dit is begrijpelijk, want een huurauto biedt meer vrijheid om te reizen waar en wanneer je maar wilt. Maar wat doe je als je de weg kwijtraakt, als er wegblokkades of kleine aardverschuivingen zijn, als je autopech hebt, of nog erger, een ongeluk krijgt? Spreek je Spaans? In dit artikel Auto huren Ecuador zal ik proberen om enkele van deze vragen te beantwoorden. Het verzekeren van een huurauto in Ecuador Om maar meteen met de belangrijkste waarschuwing te beginnen: Ecuador kent (nog)

Flying in Corona Crisis “Is it worth it to fly from A to B during the Corona Crisis?” I’m sure many people have been asking and are asking themselves this question in this current Covid-19 pandemic. I did the same when I got a job offer in Ecuador, which meant that I had to fly from Peru into Ecuador. I’m in a decent spot with good company and a job that’s just about sustainable, so why would I travel by plane to Ecuador? First of all there was no guarantee that I would be able to keep my job in Peru for the next few months, while the job in Ecuador will be for 6 months. Second, I needed the

Sustainable Tourism vs Climate Change Tourism to restore economies and slow down climate change Before the Covid-19 Crisis tourism received a lot of critic. Many people think that it isn’t sustainable and ethical to travel for fun, while our carbon footprint might cause the temperature on earth to rise with dangerous consequences. Especially flying as a leisure activity is heavily criticized. So what options does the environmentally concerned tourist have to enjoy a sustainable vacation? Is sustainable tourism possible, or is the only responsible action to restrict holidays to places that can be reached by foot, bike, or sailing boat? But what consequences will this have on our society? What if the overall benefits of tourism are bigger than the

The best time to travel in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia Weather and climate zones in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia At Fairtravel4u we often get the question: “What is the best time of the year to travel to Peru, Bolivia or Ecuador?” However, to be able to answer this question correctly we need to know what type of holiday you’re looking for and where exactly you want to go? In general the raining season in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia is considered to run between December and May. But because of the extreme differences in altitude (between sea level and 6768 m at the top of the Huascarán Mountain) and geological differences in these countries, they consist of many different climate zones.

Using a travel agency vs online booking websites In an age where you can buy almost everything online, many thought that travel agencies would soon disappear. Although many travel agencies had to close their doors, studies show that there’s a comeback. The arrival of online booking websites made it much easier for independent travellers to book their own holiday online. But do they also make it easier to travel? In this article we compare the use of travel agencies vs booking online with popular travel booking websites. The advertisement of booking websites like and Expedia make you believe that you don’t need any travel agency anymore to plan your holiday and if you use their website it will be

Different Inca Trails What is “The Inca Trail” and why is it so popular to hike this trail? At the peak of their existence (1430 AD – 1530 AD), the Quechua civilization were called Inkas, in honor of their Royalty. According to their belief they were the sons of the sun and the Inka was their king. Under the rule of the famous Inka Pachacuti or Pachacútec, the Inka/ Inca Civilization quickly started to expand and conquer other civilizations. They called their new empire “Tawantinsuyu”, after the four different points of the compass. The Tawantinsuyu Empire covered a huge part west of the Andean Mountain Range, roughly in what are now called Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia and Chile. To facilitate transport,