About Fairtravel4u

My name is Martijn Steijn, general manager of Fairtravel4u. As a little boy born in the Netherlands I dreamed about building my own sailing boat to travel the world. I followed my dream and learned how to build boats and sail.

In 2003 I decided to pack a backpack and travel to South America. This journey still continues and for the last 15 years I have been traveling, volunteering and guiding tourists all over South America, mainly in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

After working many years for different travel agencies I found out that not everything in tourism is the way it looks.
Many travel agencies try to sell their clients exactly what they look for, but avoid telling them about local circumstances like high altitude, long travel distances, etc.
They sell tours that look great, but aren’t realistic. Some agencies don’t even care if clients get sick or exhausted during their tour, because the tour got sold and the client’s health is his own responsibility…
Other travel agencies make all kind of promises to ‘improve the world’, but in practice these promises are often just sales techniques…

In 2011 I started Fairtravel4u. Our goal is to bring back more honesty in the tourist industry and treat both our clients and employees in a Fair way.
We from Fairtravel4u not only care about selling our tour, we also really want that our clients enjoy their tour before, during and after their stay in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Therefore we provide our clients with honest information, good preparation and trustful local support.

Popkje, Julio Verne
Popkje, Julio Verne, Ecuador expert and local operator
Anthula, Infinite Adventures
Anthula, Infinite Adventures, Huaraz expert and local operator
Martijn from Fairtravel4u
The Bolivia Specialist!

The two most important advantages of organizing your stay in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia with the team of Fairtravel4u are:

  1. If you let us worry about the logistics of your tour or volunteer work, it saves you time. This time you can use to really enjoy your stay in Latin America.
  2. Fairtravel4u works together with some of the best local tour agencies and volunteer projects in Latin America. This way our customers have the advantage of both: Our Dutch skills in planning and local knowledge from our partners based in South America.

NEW: Fairtravel4u is now also recommended by: Footprint South American 2017 Guide Book!

Besides the advantages mentioned above, Fairtravel4u is specializes in:

  1. Personal services before, during and after your tour
  2. Private services/ customized tours
  3. Good and realistic prices/ quality and service rate
  4. Free support and contact for international volunteers and trustful local volunteer projects
  5. Tours with public transport where this is convenient, for a more realistic travel experience
  6. Private Spanish lessons by Skype with a very experienced teacher before you come to Latin America
  7. A fine selection of recommendable and original tours to choose from, already with a clear price
  8. We are the only travel agency that combines the information of Amazon Jungle Tours in Peru, Ecuador and   Bolivia, which makes it easier for you to choose your preferences
  9. For us our service is something personal and therefore we only offer tours, volunteer work and information that we believe in ourselves