Duurzaam toerisme vs Klimaatverandering Sorry, voor alsnog alleen in het Engels… Sustainable tourism to restore the economy and slow down climate change Before the Covid-19 Crisis tourism received a lot of critic. Many people think that it isn’t ethical to travel for fun, while our carbon footprint might cause the temperature on earth to rise with dangerous consequences. Especially flying as a leisure activity is heavily criticized. So what options does the environmentally concerned tourist have to enjoy a sustainable vacation? Is sustainable tourism possible, or is the only responsible action to restrict holidays to places that can be reached by foot, bike, or sailing boat? But what consequences will this have on our society? What if the overall benefits

Verantwoord toerisme in Zuid-Amerika (Eng) Sustainable Tourism and Traveling in South America . Introduction . More travelers in South America . Inexperienced and badly informed travelers . Consequences of incomplete or wrong information . Avoiding responsibilities . Consequences of too many tourists . Travel responsible . Mentality and expectations . Respect . Time . Rules . Eco Tourism . South American or foreign companies . Eco Lodges . Volunteer work . Resumen Introduction: The rise of internet, cheap flights, a good economy and change of mentality over the past years made traveling and tourism abroad easier and more accessible. Because of this higher accessibility, now each year more and more people decide to travel abroad and the general type of