14 Quick Travel Safety Tips to Travel Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia These safety tips will help you to prevent many potential problems during your travels in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia Our first important travel safety tip is not to worry too much while traveling. A careful but relaxed mindset will already prevent most problems. 1- Make pictures Before you go traveling, it can be very useful to make photos of your most important documents and send them to your mailbox, in case you get stolen from everything. If you arrive in a new country it is also useful to make a copy of the small entrance paper and the entrance stamp you got in your passport. This proves that you

How to Travel Safely in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia Practical information collected after years of travels Below you will find 10 important travel recommendations, general recommendations and practical tips to improve your safety while traveling through Peru. This information has been collected through my own experience of more than 14 years of traveling in Peru and South America. Prepare yourself properly before traveling to Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia Be alert Pay attention to your surroundings Avoid (political) protests Adjust to your surrounding / blend in Don’t show that you have money Don’t save money on bus journeys Pick your own taxi Don’t fully trust anyone, not even not the police Be careful if you choose to participate in so called