Snake and lizard in Amazon fight!

The Madidi Amazon Challange

This Madidi Amazon Chalange, this is a great and very adventures tour through the Madidi national Reserve in Bolivia. Challenge the spirits of the Amazon and challenge yourself. Note: this tour leaves already with only two people!
6 days
Vicuñas in Salar de Uyuni tour

Spectacular Bolivia Tour

This is the most original and spectacular Bolivia tour you can find online! This tour is a true adventure for people who want be active during their vacation, Travel Off the (tourist) Road and experience the real beauty of Bolivia!
22 days
Capybaras Amazon tours

Private Madidi Tacuaral Amazon Tour

This is a private Amazon tour for 2 persons through the Madidi Reserve in Bolivia, stands for a maximal Amazon jungle experience! You will stay at the well located Tacuaral Lodge.
4 days
Madidi Amazon tour Bolivia

Madidi Tacuaral Amazon Lodge, Shared

This Amazon tour to the Tacuaral lodge is a basic tour in international group service. You will travel along the Beni river and through the Beautiful Madidi National Reserve in Bolivia.
3 days
Madidi Chalalan Lodge Bolivia

Madidi, Chalalan Amazon Tour

Travel deep into the Bolivian Amazon Rainforest, 5.5 hours upstream, to the well known Chalalan Lodge, located in the Madidi National Amazon Reserve!
4 days
Caiman Bolivian Pampas tour

Basic Pampas Amazon Tour

This is a very basic, but fun and adventures Amazon, Jungle tour through the Pampas of Bolivia. During this tour that starts from Santa Rosa, there is also a good chance to spot the pink fresh water dolphins!
3 days