Guide to Huanchaco, Peru What makes Huanchaco a popular tourist attraction? Huanchaco is just a small fishermen and surfers town north/west of Trujillo, in the north of Peru, but in this article I would like to explain what’s so special about this coastal town. To be realistic, Huanchaco isn’t a pretty town. There is hardly any maintenance on the streets and older buildings from Colonial times are falling apart. The beach is not very clean and gets smaller every year. A few years ago high water even destroyed part of the boulevard, which is still (early 2108) not fixed, despite many promises… No, the attraction of Huanchaco is not really visual. But still, its location, history, culture, peacefulness, fresh seafood

Do you need to take Spanish lessons before travelling to Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia? Although you don’t really need to be able to speak Spanish when you book an organized tour with us, we would like to recommend you to be able to understand and speak at least a few words. Speaking already some Spanish will really improve the authentic experience of your visit to Latin America. If you want to do volunteer work it is often even required to speak minimal a basic level of Spanish. Below we offer two options to learn Spanish, depending on how intensive you would like study. The first: If you don’t have much time to study, or don’t really like to study from