Spanish lessons before traveling to Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia?
Spanish lessons and sunset in Huanchaco Peru

Do you need to take Spanish lessons before traveling to Ecuador, Peru or Bolivia?

Although you don’t really need to be able to speak Spanish when you book an organized tour with us, we would like to recommend you to be able to understand and speak at least a few words.
Speaking already some Spanish will really improve the authentic experience of your visit to Latin America. If you want to do volunteer work it is often even required to speak minimal a basic level of Spanish.

Below we offer two options to learn Spanish, depending on how intensive you would like study.

The first:

If you don’t have much time to study, or don’t really like to study from a book or DVD, we can recommend you a great Spanish teacher online.
His name is Sam and he specializes in teaching personal classes, with flexible hours and for each level. He teaches face to face, or on Skype and charges only 15 USD an hour. We can guarantee that you will only need a few hours of private Skype classes from Sam and you will feel a lot more confident to communicate in Spanish.

Sam’s profile:
He is very handsome, but doesn’t want to distract your attention from his classes, so prefers not show his picture 😉
Born at: The end of the 70s
Nationality: British
Currently living in: Huanchaco, Peru
Teaching Experience: 5 years in the UK and 8 years in Huanchaco.

A few words from the teacher himself: Sam’s introduction

If you are interested in Spanish classes by Skype, please send us an e-mail to and start your mail with: Spanish. We will bring you in direct contact with Sam and then you can decide with him when you want to start your first Spanish lesson.

Option 2:
For a more intensive (business) Spanish course, we can highly recommend you the intermediate courses of Peru Language School. This Spanish School specializes in medical Spanish.


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