The introduction of Potosí Historical seen the Bolivian city of Potosí and its Cerro Rico Silver Mines are without doubt the most important influences in South America history. But the mines and city of Potosí are now almost like a forgotten movie star, famous in its own time, but forgotten by new generations… Hopefully this article can help Potosí and its mines to gain back some of their fame. History of Potosí and its silver mines In pre-Hispanic times the current province of Potosí was mainly inhabited by ethnic groups called Charcas, Chullpas and Aymara. These cultures lived from agriculture and selling ceramic pottery and jewelry made from silver. When the ethnic group of Quechuas, better known as Inca’s, invaded

The pretty Oasis of Huacachina is located in the desert, about 4 km outside the town of Ica. It is only a small village with maybe about 100 inhabitants living around a natural lake and surrounded by high sand dunes. The history of Huacachina The origin of the name Huacachina seems to come from the words “waqay china”, which means “crying woman” in the local language Quechua. There are different local legends about the emergence of the lake. But in general storyline talks about a beautiful princes, with a beautiful voice who fell in love with a brave warrior. The warrior died in a battle and the sad princes looked for a quite spot to cry. She kept crying until

How to obtain the visa to Ecuador? New 2018 Tourist Visa Law in Ecuador. The government of Ecuador has just (January 5, 2017) approved a new law that’s called: “La nueva Ley de Movilidad Humana”. Part of this law serves to help Ecuadorian migrants who want to come back to Ecuador, but there is also good news for tourists who want to come to Ecuador. –    By far the most important news is that tourists who come to Ecuador will again receive automatically a 180 days tourist visa. This visa allows each tourist to stay maximal 180 days out of 365 days in Ecuador. This was already the case before 2008, but then it got changed to only 90 days

Lima Airport Bus Finally Lima, the capital of Peru joins most other capitals in the world with having a direct bus service from the airport to the Miraflores district. Miraflores is the main hotel/ hostel area of the Metropolis Lima and depending on the traffic, a ride from the airport to Miraflores can take between 30 min. to over an hour… In Miraflores the bus has 7 fixed stops, which are each only a minutes walking away from popular hotels and hostels. Walking in Miraflores is also very safe, even at night time. The Airport Express Lima bus service operates 365 days a year and is provided by a privet company called Airport Express Lima. The bus schedule is roughly

Ecuador insurance Ecuador tourist insurance law in 2018 A new official release has been sent by the Tourism Board informing the following: According to the Official Registry No. 938, dated February the 6th of 2017 and specifically articles 53 and 56: The requirement for presenting proof of international health insurance for tourists entering the country will be valid and applied starting on February 2018. Please note in case of failing to show proof of international insurance, you will be required to close a contract with a local supplier on spot for the duration of your stay. This new information overtakes the previous release, which stated this visa requirement to be valid as of September 2017, as now moved to the