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Helpful travel links in Ecuador, Peru, Bolivia and more!

The full list with links to colleagues and friends of Fairtravel4u. Please let us know if you want to link your site to us and become part of our ever growing family! -> Your specialist in hiking and nature guides.

Ultimate Descents  -> Exploring Wild Himalayan Rivers!

Borderlands -> Eco-Adventure Resorts in Nepal!

Nature Treks -> for beautiful treks through the Himalayan Mountains

Amazon Tours -> Tours into the Amazon Rainforest

Amazone tours -> Tours naar de Amazone van Ecuador, Peru en Bolivia -> Hurtigruten, unieke cruise Noorse fjorden per postboot

Bemytravelmuse -> Experiences from a solo female traveler

Pacific Medical Training -> Useful information about travel insurances -> (Ecologische) Tips voor reizigers, door reizigers! -> op vakantie binnen Europa -> alles over stedentrips

Reisdoorperu -> Handige informatie over Peru

Bidaja -> Uitjes in Nederland -> Alles voor kinderen

Argan -> Verkoop van hoogwaardige Argan olie

MiauBackpackers -> Digital Nomads and video bloggers from Spain

“Amor Por Los Animales Bolivia” (APLAB) is a non profit foundation, comprised of dedicated people who are committed in promoting and cultivating respect, compassion and relief of cruelty and exploitation towards animals and the environment.
Contact us: ++591 – 70143340

Learn Spanish in Buenos Aires with Gisela Giunti:
Gisela Giunti is a Buenos Aires based Spanish tutor, offering a range of personalized courses, focusing on the individual needs of the students. She also works with her team of teachers which also follows the same teaching style.

Facbook Pages related to Fairtravel4u:

ReisAmsterdamPeru -> Nederlandse promotie voor rondreizen in Peru

Additional tips for restaurants and hotels in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia:



Hotel Junior Plaza – Great location.
Av. Amazonas y Veintemilla, tel.: 00593-02-222427/ 2544874);  254 0891/ 252 4036 Fax: (593- 2) 222 7089 e-mail: web:

Hostal Villa Nancy – nice hotel, friendly staff, relative save neighborhood and a bit further from the nightlife in the Mariscal area.
calle Muros 146 y Gonzalez Suarez, 02 2550839, mail:

Museum ‘Intiñan’ ($3 p.p.) right next to Mitad del Mundo, but  really right on the equator.
A taxi from Mariscal Mitad del Mundo and Intiñan is about 15 US$ for the ride (2011).

Aries Biking – is a recommendable biking company in Quito: //  (Wilson 578 y Reina Victoria, tel.: (02) 2906 052/ 238 0802 of 09-981 6603,

Eos Travel
 – a very good agency in Quito to arrange tours to the Galapagos Islands and other locations in Ecuador: //, Amazonas N24-66 y Joaquin Pinto, 3rd Floor, Quito, Pichincha, ECUADOR, Tel.: (593) 2 601 3560; (593) 2 290 7259, Fax: (593) 2 290 7259 Info: Skype ID: eosecuador

Restaurants in Quito:
–    Hunters, close to hotel Villa Nancy
–    Café del Fraile (Chile OE 422 y Venezuela (C.C. Palacio Arzobispal) tel: (02)251011
–    Hasta la vuelta señor, located at the side of Plaza de Independencia, on the first floor. tel.: 02-2460400
–    El Cafecito (Luis Cordero 1124 y Reine Victoria): good coffe place
–    The Magic Bean (Foch 681 y Juan Léon Mera, tel.566 181)
–    Tex-Mex (Reina Victoria 847 y Wilson, tel. (02)2527689, Mexican food
–    La Ronda (Bello Horizonte y Diego de Almagro, tel. (02)2540459/2545176/2525132:
–    Texas Ranch (Juan Léon Mera 140 y Calama, tel.(02)2443997: Meat!
–    Churrascaría Tropeiro (Veintimilla 546 y 6 de Diciembre): Meat and salad!
–    Mongo’s in Calama en Juan L.Mera
–    Rest. Zocalo, calle Juan Lean Mera y Calama
–    Tip Top (Baquerizo Moreno 469), good for breakfast, open from 6:00am
–    Rincon del Gaucho (Reine Victoria y Garcia)
–    Restaurant El Rey, Juan Leon Mera 1231 y Lizardo Garcia, good for breakfats and lunch
–    Indisch restaurant Chandani Tandoori, (JL Mera and Cordero, tel. (02)2221053
–    Shogun, Thai/Sushi place, (Calama – above Mongo’s)
–    Terraza del Tártaro (Veintimilla 1106 and Amazonas – on the top floor with a great view over Quito! (02)2527987.


Cabañas el Rocío – relaxte place is situated close to the Panamericana, so you can ask the bus driver to drop you at the sign of the lodge. Barrio San Juan tel.: 00593-06-2924606,

Zulay van Zulay-tours
, Zulay’s new e-mail is She now has an office from home so reach her by e-mail or at 09-705-4295, tel. 02-2690017/ 2690787; 09-7054295,

Parque Cóndor; Pucará Alto – Otavalo, tel.: 06-292 4429, 09-7601700 of, This is a very special animal refuge for birds of pre in Ecuador.

–    Cafe Mundi Puncho plaza
–    Rest. Buena Vista,  with view over Plaza de Ponchos and good coffee
–    Mi Viejo Café, calle Christobal Colon 4-10, entre Sucre y Bolivar, 06-2926504, 094771233/ 3781421
Tabascos Pocho plaza, Mexicans and pizza’s.
–    Siciliana: pizza. Morales 501 y Sucre, 06-2925999. Good Pizza’a
–    Rincon de Italia, Sucre 919, good pizza’s and interesting paintings on the wall

To go out:
La Jampa, Modesto Jaramillo entre Quiroga y Quito; bar/ dancing


Cotacocha Lodge – bit expensive, but a very nice romantic place with wooden cabins.
Along the Arajuno river. It is about half an hour by local bus from Tena, take the bus in the direction of Ahuano-La Punta-Santa Rosa, for less than a dollar and ask to be dropped of at the sign along the road. website: // and E-mail:

El Establo de Tomás, at 4km from Tena (Muyuna), 09-9000914 of 06 2886318, a good jungle lodge between jungle and Civilization.


Restaurant El Jardin in Puyo, close to ‘el paseo turistico’,

Parque Omeare,, a very interesting botanical garden, managed by an Amerikan/Shuar couple. They provide very good info over nature and the Shuar culture. Chris Canaday, tel. (03)2887656/09-7177633, he also wrote a book about birds in Ecuador.

From Shell to the jungle close to downstream Rio Pastaza…
A friend of us helps a Shuar Community in the jungle far down the Rio Pastaza, to promote their culture. You can only reach their community by plane. The flight takes about 40 min. from the village of Shell (in-between Puyo and Baños) to promote their culture.
The Shuar recently build a big dormitory with place for max. 10 people to sleep and want to offer small groups of tourists a realistic impression of their culture and lifestyle.
Ideally you visit this place in small groups of 4 people plus a guide to fill up a small plane. To use a private plane for a roundtrip will cost about 700US$ for the plane, but you can consult us for other options.
The contact address is: Laurence Duvauchelle,, tel.:   00593-(0)92711376 or 08-1857484


Hostel Princesa Maria – friendly place and good to meet other travelers! Av. Rocafuerte y Mera esquina, tel.: 00593-(0)3-274-1035 e-mail:, web:

Hostel Chimenea – Good backpackers atmosphere and good place to meet other backpackers.
Av. Luis A. Martinez y Rafael Vieiera, tel.: 00593-(0)3-2742725
e-mail:,, web:

Hotel Santa Clara
, Calle 12 de Noviembre and Montalvo, tel.: 00593-3- 274-088 or 00593-3-274-0376

–    Swiss Restaurant, some of the best places to eat meat in Baños, calle Martinez.
–    Café Hood (Maldonado/parque central), good food, coffee and friendly owners.
–    Casa Hood (close to Martinez and Alfaro. Good food, place to hang out and the best book-exchange in town.
–    Café Rico Pan (Maldonado/parque central) good breakfast place.

–    Lephera bar/dancing one of the best places to go out.


Hotel El Libertador, which is just opposite the train station. Calle Carabobo 25-35 y 10 de Agosto, tel.: 00593-3-2964-890 or 00593 3 2 960 890 email:

Julio Verne is a very good agency in Riobamba. They are specialized in trekkings, climbing volcanos and Galapagos tours, besides that they have more than 15 years experience in tourism in Ecuador and can help you with planning all kinds of tours in Ecuador. Address: Calle 5 de Junio 21-46 y 10 de Agosto P.O. Box 181 Riobamba – Ecuador. Phone and fax: 03-2963436/ 2960398 Cellphone 09-712766/ 4167350, e-mail: web:,

It is an interesting excursión to visit a prívate hacienda from the family of Sra. Eulalia Zurrieta in the Nevado de Cubillin Valley, close to the Sangay National park. Tel.: (03)2910059 / 2910499 / 2980195 of mobiel 09-8282102, e-mail:


Hotel Posada del Angel, Bolivar 14-11 y Estevez de Toral; tel.: 07-2840695/ 2821360 of 09-9700024; Gerente Daniel A. Hernandez P. Web.:,

A good contact and guide in Cuenca is: Marisol Plasencio from Potsdamer Tours, office: 07-2835087, mobile: 095224101, private e-mail:  She also works at Wunderbar

Restaurants/ bars:
–    La Cigale Hostal/ Rest. Bar; 7-80 calle Honorato Vazquez y Luis Cordero, good food, good vibe. Honorato Vasquez
Tel: + 593 (0) 7283 53 08 / 94 122 692 E-mail:, //
–    Café Austria, Benigno Malo y Juan Jaramillo; voor een lekker ontbijt, of een borrel in de avond.
–    Wunderbar (hoel Larga y Hno. Miguel, staircase down and halfway on your right hand. Good vibe and (fruit) cocktails.


Hostel Izhcayluma, good admosphere, good food, good views, great service and great options to go hikings, horseback riding and to receive a great massage after. Address: Via Ayanga km 2,5 tel.:07-264-0095, The owners are two brothers, Peter and Dieter.



Hotel Central, San Jose 976, Tel.: 074-231511, //

A very good guide in Chiclayo is the young Julio Cesar Porras Sandoval: or (073) 969676023 or 074 9797 10 7 68

Sipan Tours: 7 de Enero 772, tel.: (0051)74-229053/ 074-979975599,, or website:


North-Peru Tours is a very good travel agency tour operator in Trujillio, Marcelo Corne no 369 Dpto. 102,, tel.: 0051 (0) 44230962, cel.: 949703755 of Mov. 984962555, mail.:

Yolanda Toribio Ottus, is a good guie in Trujillo, tel.: 949396097,  044-296798/ 044-949396097 or


Restaurant Otra Cosa is a great vegetarian restaurant with Dutch/ Peruvian owners and a family like hospitality! It is right on the boulevard of Huanchaco with view over the sea. Mail: berrypalte@hotmail or tel: 0444-61346

Hotel Qhamar, is a new quality hotel in Huanchaco, it has modern styled rooms that all have sea view! Av. Circunvalancion no 140-Urb. El Boqueron, tel.: 0044-462366, Nextel: 408*3472/ 421*7775,,

Hotel Las Palmeras, with swimming pool and rooms with seaview. Prol. Victor Larco 1150, tel. (044) 461199


A good agency in Huaraz is Infinite Adventures, Contact Huaraz: Infinite Adventures (Anthula Mauriz)
// Jr. Juan de la Cruz Romero 1087 Huaraz, tel: (043) 427304 mob: (043) 9602905 / 9520286,


Hostal Carmelo, very good location (close to the coast) and friendly staff, calle Bolognesi 749, Miraflores Tel: (01) 446 0575 Fax: (01) 249 9029,

at Parque del Amor, (40-50 dlrs!) for about 15 minuten, with Fly Adventure: 01-816 5461- Luis Munárriz of 01-9900 9150-Eduardo Gomez.

Pisco/ Paracas

Good Agencies for tours to PARACAS NP. and ISLAS BALLESTAS
Flamenco Tours, previous owned by Sonia Panheco, who unfortunately passed away in 2011 and now managed by her husband Orlando Cel.: 056-956932609/ 01-995481442 mail cel.: 956 932 609

Ballestas Travel, gerente Janeth Martinez A. Tel.: 998433397 of Isabel: 998433385, mail:, or 2571146 – 2570756 cel: 998433397 of Isabel, 99843385.


It is nice and interesting to visit the piscobrewery: “El Catador” (the Taster)


Ciro, for (sunset) buggy tours and also for desert camping + BBQ! Tel. 056-215401/ 236134 of cel. 056-956682 045/ 956629 800, or .


A very good contact person in Nasca is Liliana Huamani Llamosa ( or 056-956 667014, 056-956345151, she works in restaurant Los Angeles 056-523 253, but besides that she does many more. She`s involved in several social projects in and around Nasca and organizes all kinds of tours

Coffee Break, a small but very good place for coffee, pie and lunch. Next to Nazca Lines Hotel, at the corner with Jr. Bolognesi.


Hotel Benavides, good calm location and friendly staff, Psje. Selva Alegre 106 A Tel.: (054) 200-773

The Reality Tour is a very recommendable tour that gives you a better view on the more realistic live in and around Arequipa. The tour is only organized by: Dhr. Miguel Femandez Cayetano A.I. Travel Tours, 054-959391436 , 959391438,,,, calle Santa Catalina 203 or 7

Some of the many good Restaurants:
Ary Quepay, Jerusalem 502. Typical food from Arequipa
La Quinta, Jerusalem 522
La Italia, calle San Francisco 302, very good Italian Restaurant
Terrace, Portal de Flores 102 Plaza de Armas: have lunch with a great view over the Plaza!
La Siciliana, San Francisco, very good Italian Restaurant
El Turko, calle San Francisco
Sonccollay, Portal San Agustin 149, Plaza de Armas. A good traditional restaurant!
Tradicion Arequipena outside the center (Av Dolores 111) good for traditional lunches.

Informative websites about altitude sickness: or

One of the best hotels in the Colca Cañon is La Casa de Mamayacchi. Coporaque Village Colca, 054-241206, manager Silvia


Suri Tours, is a good and well priced agency for Excursions over Lake Titicaca, to Sillustani or Chicuito, calle Jr. Theodoro Valcarcel 158 mail:, //  helpful owner Pedro Yucra  Tel: 051-368 188  Cel. 051-951634240/ 368188

Amaru Tours is also a good and friendly agency for Excursions over Lake Titicaca, to Sillustani or Chicuito,, Jr. Tarapacá 260. Puno-Perú. Telf. 051-51-353112 – E.mail:

Inca Bar, one of the best restaurants in Puno, with good food, coffee and service, popular with tour groups; Jr. Lima 348, Telnr: 051-368031
Giorgio, Lima 430, 367771
Fogon, Lima 347; is small, but has good pizza’s
Tradiciones del Lago, calle Lima 418; good restaurant with some original dishes
Apu Salkantay, Lima 357,
Pizzeria El Buho Lima 349

To go out:
Bar/Dancing/Disco, Ekeko´s on Jr. Lima
Positive, a bar with Rock y Reggae, Jr. Lima
Déja Vu, also in Jr. Lima.


Some very good guides for Cusco and surroundings are:
Melbin, 084-984701220 or, or
Maria Elena; 084-271834, cel.: 084-984757806/984742514, e-mail:
Mari Sol, 084-984681503 or

Mundo Antiguo Tour agency and Spanish school, a helpful and good travel agency for all your tours and Spanish classes in Peru. Address, Calle Triunfo 374, int. 6, Located at only 100 meters from the Plaza de Armas, Cusco’s main square tel/fax: +51 (0)84 225974

Rafting with: Via: Aqua Trek Peru; Plateros 369-A, tel.: 084-784815 of 984340979 of, or
Eric Adventures: Plateros324, tel.084-228475

PiePeru, for mountain biking and other adventures tours, they work also with Down Hill Madnes in Bolivia, Pasaje Santa Rosa B-3 Tandapata San Blas, Cusco, telefax 084-232505, 054-959393414,

Some of the many good Restaurants:
Jack´s Café, very good coffee and breakfast and lunch!, down at calle Choquesaca,
Cholandes; Dutch restaurant/bar (before Tres Mundos), in Calle Choquechaca, one block above Jack`s tel.: 054-959394600, good Azian food.
Café Café; is a good coffee/ restaurant/ lounge place on the second floor in calle Triunfo
Rest. Cappuchino: for coffee with view over Plaza de Armas, opposite the cathedral
Nuna Raymi: Calle Triunfo No356, good restaurant with original dishes.
Macondo: Cuesta San Blas 571, a lounche restaurant.
Pacha Papa, is a good (pizza) restaurant on Plaza San Blas.
Fallen Angel, A very original decorated restaurant/ lounge Plazoleta Navarenas 221. They also give gay parties ones in a while
El Emperador, on Plaza de Armas.
Bohemiacafe, Portal de Carnes 254, Plaza de Armas,
Kintaro, Calle Heladeros 149, is a small, but good Japanese restaurant.

To go out:
El Muki Discoteca, good dancing with latin music and more locals than gringo’s, but opens a bit late. Calle Santa Catalina Angosta nr. 110;
Mythology, good disco at the Plaza de Armas on the side of Mc Donalds.
Piskuo, a good new rest./club/ lounge at plaza de Armas next to the cathedral in calle Arequipa, on the second floor.
Norton Rats, an English bar with pool table, darts en sport on tv. opposite Piskuo.
Paddy’s, the highest Irish owned pub, from the same owner as Jack’s Café, calle Triunfo.



Hotel Sotomayor, a friendly hotel in Chile, calle Sotomayor 367, tel.: 56-232970/ 232149, mail:

San Pedro de Atacama

Cosmo Andino, is a good agency in S.P.A. for tours to Valle La Luna and Valle del Muerte and also for tours to the Salar de Uyuni. Calle Caracoles s/n Dutch owner Martin Beeris, Tel/fax: (56)55851069 e-mail:,

Atacama Connection, is also a good agency in S.P.A. for tours to Valle La Luna and Valle del Muerte and also for tours to the Salar de Uyuni. Also a good place to exchange money. Caracoles Esquina Toconao, mov.: 82340615,, e-mail: owner


Uyuni (one of) the best agencies in Uyuni is Tonito Tours (contact: Franz ), Tel: 02 – 6932094  //  E-Mail: om
The best hotel in Uyuni is: Hotel Toñito, contact: Sussy, Av. Ferroviaria, Uyuni and Chris/ Minuteman Pizza restaurant, the best pizza’s from Uyuni and maybe even Bolivia. Tel: (0693) (02) – 6933186, E-Mail:


A good and very helpful agency in Potosi is: Claudia Turismo, Calle Bustillos, contact Jacqueline Gutierrez, Tel.: 71 83 50 83 or 02-622 5000

Some good restaurants:
Cafe Mirador, at the corner of plaza 10 de noviembre, has a good view over the city
El Meson, corner of Plaza and Tarija and Linares, good restaurant with good wijn.
Patacchi; Calle Millares No. 13; a friendly traditional restaurant with live music.
Rest. 40/60, Calle Hoyos y Paseo Blvd., good restaurant, but the service is sometimes less
El Fogón, Fias en Oruro, good restaurant, popular with tour groups. Tel.: 622 49 69 off 71820192 Cel. 6230260, cel2
La Plata, Plaza 10 de Noviembre, good place for coffee and lunch
La Casona 175, calle Frais 41; good pub/restaurant


Hostal Sucre, good hostel/ hotel, good prices, good location and nice Colonial style. Direccion: Calle Bustillo 11; Telf. 00 591 4 6451411 – 00 591 4 6461928 Email:

Bolivia Specialist, one of the best travel agencies of Bolivia! calle Nicolas Ortiz No 30, tel.:04-6437389 of 71174632/ 71173263, Emergency phone: 72884382 (24 hrs) Dutch owner: Dirk Dekker

Restaurants/ places to go out:
Rest./cafe/disco Florin, calle Bolivar 567, was in 2011 the place to be for tourists and Bolivianans alike. Good atmosphere and food.
Flavour, next to Hostal Sucre for good coffee and sandwiches, owners Geke and Maaike also run the volunteer project Stay in Sucre.
Joyride Cafe Bolivia, Direccion: Calle Bustillo
Café Amsterdam (before Café Gnadenlos), Calle Bolivar #426, is a small, but good restaurant. The owner Linda, is involved with several social and volunteer projects in and around Sucre and part of the staff from Café Amsterdam, used to live in the streets of Sucre, but now got a second change.,
La Taverne, Calle Aniceto Arce nr. 35; is a good restaurant.

To go out:
Discotheek Mitos, Francisco Cerro, cerca Mercado Negro.
Bar/Dancing Salfari, is also a good place to go out.

Pacha Mama, is a good shop to buy real handmade souvenirs. More info op

La Paz

Buho Tours from Isabel Acarapi, is a good and helpful agency in the center of La Paz. Their tours are well priced and they have good guides: Calle Sagarnaga 242, tel: 00591-223-12574 of 2471577 or 73268188(celular) of,,

Downhill Madness-Explore Bolivia, managed by a Bolivian owner with western mentality. They provide very good services for a reasonable price and in contra of Gravity, they don’t let you go down hill in bike-shorts… Calle Sagarnaga 339, opposite hotel Sagarnaga, contact Fernando or Adela. Cel. 71 99 3336, 02-2391810, tours between 55$ till 75$ US$ p.p. (you really don’t need a bike with back suspension for this ride)

Madidi Travel S.R.L.
are the owners and care takers of the nature reserve Serene, 2.5 hour away from Rurranabaque, next to Parque Madidi. They are very involved with protecting the Amazon nature and all the profit they make is reinvested in protecting the Amazon Jungle. Address: Calle Linares no. 968, tel.: (591) (2) 2318313, Cel.: Jakelyne Arrieta 67188812, fax: 2318314,,

Rest.Sol y Luna, is part of a small chain of good restaurants and places to go out, calle Murrillo 999, tel.: 02-2115323, web: // other good restaurants that are part of this chain include:
Rest. Tierra Sana, calle Tarija 213, is a vegetarían restaurant; La Cueva, is a Mexican restaurant, calle Tarija 210B; The Steak House, sells very good meat dishes, calle Tarija 243B, more info about all of these: //
Rest. Angelo Colonial, good food and with an interior like a small museum; Calle Linares, next to the Coca museum
Layca, corner of Linares en Sagarnaga: 35 Bs. for menu with salad-buffet
Banais, down in calle Sagamaga, for good coffee, pie and lunch.
Wagamama, is a good Japanese (susi) restaurant, next to discotheque Traffic, tel.: 2434911
Plaza Hotel, has a good and affordable star restaurant on the fifth floor, with good view over the city. The hotel/ rest. Is right on the Avenida.

To go out:
Sol y Luna (see before).
Mongo’s rest./ Bar/ Dancing Address: is a good place to eat and drink for Bolivians and tourists, Hermanos Manchego 2444, Phone: 02/244-0714,
Olivers Travels, calle Tarija 211 and Under Construction, calle Linares 1017, are cafe’s/pup`s from the same owners as Sol y Luna and the chain of 4 Corners.
Traffic; Av. Arce nr. 2549, cerca calle Pinilla y Plaza Isabel, tel.: 02-2118033/ 72501040, is a good café and discotheque
GD Guru; Av. Mariscal Santa Cruz Esq. Ayacucho, is a big informal bar/ dancing, with latin music and almost no tourists.
Theolonious Jazz Bar, calle 20 de Octubre No.2172, Sopocachi, tel.: 02-2424405/ 70654460


Hotel Utama is a good, friendly and well priced hotel in Copacabana, Bolivia, calle Michel Perez esq. San Antonio, tel.: 2-8622013, cel.: 71573745, e-mail.:,

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Friends from the Fairtravel4u network

Restaurant Otra Cosa is the best vegetarian restaurant in Huanchaco/ Trujillo. It has a friendly, home like atmosphere and the owners are very helpful!
Their Facebook site is: //

Green Peru Adventures: A travel agency in Cusco, specializes in adventure treks to Machu Picchu and holidays tours all over Peru. Adventure Treks

Madison from Australia is a really a great story teller about travelling and volunteering in Latin America. Check out for yourself, but be careful, if you read her stories you would really like to pack your backs and come to Latin America!

If you want to read some other travel stories about travelling and volunteering in Latin America: The stories are all written in English.

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