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Adventurous Huaorani Amazon Paddling Tour

Huaorani hunter in AmazonDuring this adventurous Amazon kayaking tour you will navigate in a kayak down the Nushino River into the Huaorani Territory. This Territory doesn’t only protect the indigenous Huaorani population and their ancient culture, but also the unique eco systems of the Amazon Rainforest. On this 7-day tour, we will get close to the Yasuni Park

The Huaorani Territory is considered to be an autonomous area, and stretches deep into the Yasuni Reserve, one of the most bio diverse nature reserves in the world. In this part of the rainforest there are still two voluntary isolation groups (the Taromenanes and the Tagairis) who live completely isolated from modern civilization and have no contacts with civilization.
Your guide during this tour grew up in a Huaorani community and will explain you everything about his culture and how they live in and from the rainforest.

Short itinerary Adventurous Huarani Amazon Paddling Tour:

Day 1: Tena – Nushino River – Dayuno
Day 2: Nushino River – Kayak – Camping
Day 3: Nushino River – Kayak – Camping
Day 4: Nushino River – Kayak – Camping (Gamataon)
Day 5: Hiking – Kayak – Camping (Gamataon)
Day 6: Nushino River – Canoe – Camping
Day 7: Nushino River – Canoe – Tena

Long tinerary Adventurous Huarani Amazon Paddling Tour


Day 1: Tena – car – Nushino River – kayak – Dayuno

Capybara in the AmazonAfter meeting with your guide in Tena, you will drive in about 2 hours to a bridge over the Nushino River. Upon arriving at the river you will receive some safety instructions about how to navigate your personal two-person inflatable kayak through the currents of the river. Your guide and his assistant will travel behind you in a motorized canoe. However, to preserve the sound of nature, your guide will only use the engine in case of an emergency and on the way back.
Including short stops and depending on the strength of the current, it takes around 4 hours to reach today’s destination, the Dayuno community.
After our welcome in this Huaorani community we will set up our tents and you have free time to explore the area. When it’s dark it’s time for dinner and rest.

Day 2: Nushino River – Kayak – Camping

Monkeys in AmazonAfter breakfast we break up our camp, say goodbye to our hosts and continue paddling downstream over the Nushino River.
Along the way it is important to keep your eyes and ears open to be able to spot a variation in wildlife. Most will be waterfowl, including several different species of water birds and maybe even snakes. However it is also possible to spot mammals that come to the river to drink and monkeys and parrots high up in the trees.
Our lunch will be a picnic on the shores of the river.
Our location for the night depends on the current and strength of our paddling.

Day 3: Nushino River – Kayak – Camping

Heron Amazon tourAfter a good night of sleep and breakfast on our unique campsite, we break up our tents and continue to paddle further downstream. Each stroke of our oar brings us deeper into the Huaorani Reserve and the Amazon Rainforest.
Along the way we will visit several small Huaorani communities and learn more about their way of living in symbiosis with nature.
Tonight we will sleep again in our tents at the shore of the Nushino River, while listening to the mysterious sounds from the jungle.

Day 4: Nushino River – Kayak – Camping (Gamataon)

Camping in the AmazonA new day, during which we paddle again further and further away from Western civilization. Make sure to stop paddling once in a while just to listen to the sounds of the Amazon Rainforest, the rippling of the water, the wind through the trees, the different insects and birds and maybe even howler monkeys or a lonely jaguar. Although it will be difficult to spot a stealthy jaguar, we do travel through its natural habitad.
At the end of the day we reach the Gamataon Huaorani community.
After pitching up our tents we will be able to join dinner with the Huaorani and they will even perform a traditional dance for us.

Day 5: Hiking – Kayak – Camping (Gamataon)

Huaorani Amazon CommunityAfter last nights ‘party’ and four days of paddling you can choose today to stretch the legs and hike into the rainforest towards a pristine waterfall. During this hike your indigenous guide will also explain more about the different medicinal plants and how the Huaorani hunt in the forest. If you want you can also practice in using the blowpipe and spear.
For those whose arms are not tired yet, it is also possible to paddle further downstream to where the Nushino River meets the Curaray River, at the edge of the Yasuni Reserve! Maybe it is even possible to make a short evening hike to explore the ‘nightlife’ around our campsite.

Day 6: Nushino River – Canoe – Camping

Huaorani Kayak-Canoe tourToday we will all travel in the motorized canoe back upstream over the Nushino River. Your guide will use his experience to help you spotting hidden wildlife including different bird species and maybe monkeys while he will also teach you more about the flora and fauna of the rainforest.
It takes 4 to 5 hours to reach our new campground. Upon arriving we will set up our tents and go for a short walk in the surround. We can also go fishing and maybe fry our catch on a bonfire at the beach.

Day 7: Nushino River – Canoe – Tena

After our last breakfast in the Amazon we clean up our campsite and leftovers of the bonfire before we navigate two more hours upstream, back to the bridge over the Nushino River. From here it is two hours in car back to Tena.
End of our services.

Huaorani Amazon canoe tour

Note: Due to the unique location and circumstances of this tour, ARA Adventure River Amazonas and Fairtravel4u reserve the right to cancel or modify the indicated routes of each program without modifying its duration if unforeseen circumstances such as bad weather conditions, high water level, or other unpredictable force majeure. We will always try to keep the modifications to the minimum and in consultation with the clients.

Inclusive and recommended to bring on this adventures Amazon canoe tour

‐ 6 Nights in tents, inclusive the use of sleeping mats and sleeping bags
‐ 7 Lunches, 6 breakfasts and 6 dinners in the Amazon, inclusive vegetarian option on request
‐ The use of rubber boots
‐ Drinking water
‐ Guidens from an experienced guide
‐ The presence of a motorized (safety) canoe during the whole trip
‐ The use of a two-person inflatable kayak to paddle
‐ Private transport from Tena to puente Nushino and back.

‐ Transport to/ from Tena (this can be from Baños or Quito)
‐ Alcoholic drinks, soft drinks and any personal spendings
‐ Any service not mentioned in the itinerary
‐ Tax

Recommended items to bring on this tour into the Amazon:
• Comfortable loose Clothing
• 4 T-shirt and 2 pair of shorts
• Long-Sleeve shirts and long pants for walking/ against mosquitos
• Warm jacket for the nights
• Good hiking shoes
• Bathing Suit and towel
• Sun Glasses and a hat
• Sandals
• Personal things
• Sun Block
• Insect Repellent
• Head light/ flashlight with extra batteries
• Good camera with extra batteries and memory
• Original Passport + copy
• Plastic bags to protect your things from the humidity
• Pocket money
• Binoculars
• A pack of cards and a book for the long nights in the tent
• Biodegradable soap

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