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Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge 5d/4n tour

Cuyabeno Dolphin Amazon LodgeDo you have a low budget, but still want to visit the Cuyabeno Amazon Reserve and experience how it is to be in the Amazon Rainforest? Then this Amazon tour from the Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge is a perfect option for you. The services of this Amazon tour are a little more basic then from other tours we offer, but nature doesn’t care about that. Most Cuyabeno Tours navigate the same waters and visit similar locations, so chances to spot wildlife are the same as with other standard Cuyabeno tours.
Another advantage of the Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge is that they only charge a 80 US$ additional fee for solo travelers (unless you want to share a room), while most Amazon Lodges charge 50% to 80% extra!

Short itinerary Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge 5d/4n tour:

Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge AmazonDay 1: Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge – Laguna Grande – Caiman searching
Day 2: Day and evening hikes through the rainforest
Day 3: Visiting an indigenous community
Day 4: Paddeling through the Amazon Rainforest
Day 5: Early birdwatch tour and back to Cuyabeno Bridge


Day 1: Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge - Laguna Grande - Caiman searching

Whooler monkey Cuyabeno tourOur guide will meet you at the so called Cuyabeno Bridge at 11:00 a.m. He/ she will provide you with an informative welcome briefing about the Cuyabeno Amazon Wildlife Reserve and our tour.
Then it is time to step in our motorized canoe and navigate along the Cuyabeno River to our Lodge. Depending on the weather it takes around two hours to reach our lodge. While traveling along the river it is important to keep your eyes wide open to be able to spot wildlife on the shores of the river and in the trees behind. The Cuyabeno Amazon Reserve is home to many different, various wild cats, including the puma and ocelot, and more that 10 different monkey species. One of these monkey species is called the “Pocket Monkey, because it is only around 10 cm big. This monkey is endemic to the Cuyabeno Amazon!
Caiman night tour CuyabenoAfter arriving at the lodge, it is time for a late lunch, check-in and a moment of relaxing.
Check in and rest.
At 16:30 h we will depart for our second activity of the day, a trip to Laguna Grande. This is a good place to swim and take beautiful pictures of a magical sunset in the Amazon Rainforest!
After sunset we will return to the lodge in our canoe and use our flashlights to search for caiman and boas. the lodge, we will search for Caimans and Boas in the river.
Dinner and overnight in the Dolphin Lodge.

Day 2: Day and evening hikes through the rainforest

Sloth Cuyabeno Amazon tourAt 7:30 a.m. we will serve breakfast at the lodge.
After breakfast we will take a canoe to the starting point of an interesting trail through primary rainforest. While hiking along this trail, our native and bilingual guide will explain us about the various (medicinal) plant species and animal species we encounter. The hike will take us around 3 hours and offers a good opportunity to spot different wildlife species, including birds, reptiles, insects, amphibians, monkeys and other mammal species.
Back at the Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge it is time for lunch and a little relaxation. You can explore the surrounding of the lodge, read a book, swim in the river and maybe even spot dolphins (depending on the weather and season).
Around 16:30 h we take the canoe out again in search for animals in and around the river. The Golden Hour is a good time to see wildlife in the rainforest and we have a good chance to spot sloths, monkeys, parrots, dolphins, hoatzin, caimans, etc.
In the evening we will make a short walk through the surrounding of the lodge to look for colorful insects and shy nocturnal animals.

Day 3: Visiting an indigenous community

Squirrel monkey Cuyabeno AmazonToday we will visit an indigenous community who live already for many generations in the primary rainforest. To reach this community we will travel by canoe to the start of the so called Taricay Trail (Turtle Trail). We will follow this trail for about an hour, keeping our eyes and ears open for the wildlife that moves around us in this primary rainforest. Upon arrival the community will welcome us with a plate of tipical fruits from their land. With the sweet tast of fruits still in our mouth, the women from the community will show us how they turn Yucca in Casabe, the most important food for the community. Of course we will also be able to taste some of their ‘super food’, but staff from the lodge will also bring our own lunch with, which we will eat as guests of the community.
Amazon sunset canoe tourAfter lunch we will visit the Shaman (the natural doctor) of the community. He will explain us how the community is able to live in and from the rainforest. He will explain us about their traditions, their believe and the natural medicines provided by the rainforest. He will also explain us how to prepare Ayahuasca and what it’s true purpose is for the community. No, you will not be allowed to taste this sacred brew. But if you want the shaman con provide you with ancient old cleaning ritual.
Around 16:00 h we will be back at the lodge and not much later we will depart for another sunset tour above Laguna Grande.
Dinner, relaxing and overnight in the Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge.

Day 4: Paddeling through the Amazon Rainforest

Howler monkeys Cuyabeno EcuadorBreakfast will be served again 7:30 a.m. and after we will step into our motorized canoe. We will travel for about an hour upstream through the lush rainforest, until we arrive at Laguna Canangueno. This is a great place to paddle around and observe wildlife without the noise of a motor. You will likely observe several species of waterfowl, but it is also possible to spot anacondas, boas, monkeys, or even a wild cat who comes to the shore of the lake to drink.
Lunch is back at the lodge and after lunch you have again time for yourself, before departing for observing your last sunset in the Rainforst of the Cuyabeno Amazon Reserve.
Dinner, overnight and breakfast in the Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge.

Day 5: Early birdwatch tour and back to Cuyabeno Bridge

Toucan Cuyabeno Amazon bird tour5:30 a.m. – Today you can decide to wake up very early and participate in a birdwatching tour. The early mornings and late afternoons are usually the best moments of the day to spot birds and other wildlife, as they move either away, or towards their sleeping area.
After your last breakfast in the Amazon Rainforest of Ecuador, it is time to get back into the motorized canoe and navigate along the Cuyabeno River back to the Cuyabeno Bridge. Keep your eyes open for curious wildlife that watch us depart from their territory, hoping that you enjoyed their hospitality.

Note: If you want, we can also arange your bus service from Quito to the Cuyabeno Bridge and back.

Inclusive in this Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge Amazon Tour:

– Transportation by motorized canoe from the Cuyabeno Bridge to the lodge and back
– Daily excursions as mentioned in the itinerary
– Services of a bilingual naturalist guide
– Accommodation in double and/or triple room with mosquito nets and a private bathroom
– 4x lunch, 4x dinner, 4x breakfast and purified water, coffee and/or tea
– Excursion gear when necesary (rainponcho, rubber boots, camping tents, life jackets)

– Transportation Quito – Cuyabeno Bridge – Quito (Public or Private bus, we help you to book buses)
– 10 US$ communit contributions.
– Meals before and after the tour (breakfast first day and dinner last day)
– optional Tips
– International banking fees
– All other expenses not specified in the tour

Recommendable items to bring into the rainforest:
• Comfortable loose Clothing, shorts and T-shirts
• Long-Sleeve shirt and light long pants for the evenings (insects)
• Warm jacket for the night
• Socks for in the boots
• Bathing Suit and towel
• Protection against the sun (Sun Block, Sun Glasses, hat)
• Sandals/ flip flops
• Personal hygiene items
• Insect Repellent
• Head light/ flashlight with extra batteries
• Camera with extra batteries and memory cards (+ protection against humidity)
• Original Passport + copies
• Pocket money in small bills of 1, 5 and 10 US$

Cuyabeno Dolphin Lodge Amazon Tour Ecuador