Tourist Visa Peru 2018
Lima the capital of Peru

New regulations for tourists who visit Peru

Since the beginning of 2018 the Peruvian Government has changed the immigration rules for tourists who want to stay longer in Peru.
All regular foreign tourists who enter Peru have the right to receive a tourist visa, which allows them to stay a maximum of 183 days within a period of 365 days in Peru. However, if tourists were also receiving these 183 days was/ is depending on the person in the immigration office who puts the stamp in your passport.
‘Tourists’ from Ecuador for example often just receive just 2 till 5 days. They use those days to go shopping in Piura (cheaper) and travel then back to their homes in Ecuador.

Western tourists who travel to Peru, tend to receive usually 30, 60 or 90 days, depending on the mood of the immigration worker. Before 2018 each tourist who wanted to stay longer in Peru than the time what was given to him/ her had to leave the country.
The extension of the Peruvian Tourist visa either had to be arranged at the border again, or at the Peruvian embassy.

To save time and paperwork at the immigration services, the Peruvian government has now created a new webpage for tourists who are already in Peru and want to stay longer.
Each tourist who is (still) legal in Peru can visit the following website: On this website you can fill in an application form from the Immigration service and apply for permission to stay a total of maximal 183 days as a tourist in Peru.

Peruvian Visa application form:

The Peruvian Immigration website and application form are in Spanish, but they’re pretty straight forward. You need to fill in the following information:
– Passport
– Passport number
– Nationality
– Your first Last Name
– Your second Last Name (if you have)
– All you given names as written in your passport
– Date of birth
– E-mail address
– The amount of days that you want to extend your Peruvian tourist visa

After filling in the application form, you will have to make a deposit of 11.70 Soles in a Banco de Nación. The receipt of this deposit, together with the application form and your valid passport, you will have to take to an immigration office nearby to receive confirmation of your tourist visa extension and an additional stamp in your passport.

If you overstay your (tourist) visa in Peru, you will have to pay a fine of 0,1% of the Peruvian UIT (Unidad Impositiva Tributaria), or Tax unit, for each day that you’re too long in Peru. In May 2018 this equals to a fine of around 4.15 Soles per day that you’re too long in Peru.

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