Uros floating Islands Lake Titicaca

A surrealistic tour through Peru, Bolivia and Chile

Travel to South America and discover the surrealistic landscapes of Peru, Bolivia and Chile! Besides that, this tour also provide the best travel route to visit in only 29 days some of the most impressive highlights of Peru and Bolivia!
per person
29 days
Street art culture

Travel the Silver Route, Buenos Aires – Lima

Join this original tour and travel along the old Silver Route from Buenos Aires in Argentine, to Lima in Peru. From the elegant tango on the Atlantic Coast, you will travel through the rugged and desolated landscapes of the Andes
per person
28 days
Flamingos in Laguna Colorada

Travel the Old Bolivian Trade Road

Travel along the Old Bolivian Trade Road, through the Outback of Bolivia, from Santa Cruz to Sucre. Enjoy the rough landscapes and learn more about the history of Che Guevara, who fought his last fight in the hills around the
per person
22 days