30 days

Trek and travel through Peru

We designed this tour especially for the adventures people among us who like hiking and nature.
Besides traveling to the usual Peruvian highlight, including Arequipa, Lake Titicaca, Cusco and Machu Picchu, with this tour you will also camp in the desert of Huacachina, descent into the famous Colca Canyon, hike along the Salkantay trail and ascent the impressive mountains of the Cordillera Blanca around Huaraz!

The last trek of this tour is called the Huayhuash full loop and is considered as one of the most beautiful treks in the world. A short look at the pictures will show you why.

Huayhuas Trek Huaraz Peru

Short itinerary Trek and travel through Peru:

Day 1: Arrive in Lima
Day 2: Lima – Paracas – Islas Ballestas – Ica – Huacachina
Day 3: Huacachina – Nasca – Arequipa
Day 4: Arequipa
Day 5: Arequipa
Day 6: Arequipa – Colca Canyon Trek 2 days/ one night, Oasis
Day 7: Colca Canyon Trek – Oasis – Cabanaconde – Chivay – Puno
Day 8: Puno – Free day
Day 9: Puno – Cusco
Day 10: Cusco – Private Sacred Valley Tour
Day 11: Cusco
Day 12: Start 4 Days private Salkantay Trek
Day 13: 4 Days private Salkantay Trek
Day 14: 4 Days private Salkantay Trek – Aguas Calientes
Day 15: Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu – Cusco
Day 16: Cusco
Day 17: Cusco – flight to Lima – Movil Tours at 13:00h to Huaraz
Day 18: Huaraz
Day 19: Start Huayhuash Trek (9d/ 8n)
Day 20: Huayhuash Trek (d.2)
Day 21: Huayhuash Trek (d.3)
Day 22: Huayhuash Trek (d.4)
Day 23: Huayhuash Trek (d.5)
Day 24: Huayhuash Trek (d.6)
Day 25: Huayhuash Trek (d.7)
Day 26: Huayhuash Trek (d.8)
Day 27: Huayhuash Trek (d.9) – Huaraz
Day 28: Huaraz
Day 29: Huaraz – Lima
Day 30: Lima – Home

Trek and travel through Peru, extended itinerary


Day 1: Lima

Lighthouse in Lima PeruAfter arriving at the airport of Lima our driver will be waiting for you to bring you to your hotel. Lima is a huge city with more than 9 milion inhabitants and busy traffic, but it also still has an impressive colonial city center. A popular city tour will bring you through the Plaza de Armas, the impressive San Francisco monastery, with colonial style catacombs and even Parque del Amor on the coast.

Day 2: Lima – Paracas - Islas Ballestas - Huacachina

Sea lions Islas Ballestas toursA busy, but very varied day! You leave today very early by comfortable public bus to the harbor of Paracas. At 8 am you will join a two hour boat-tour around Islas Ballestas, included. Some people refer to these ‘arch’ islands as ‘Little Galapagos’, because of their abundant birdlife, the presence of many sea lions and even some penguins.
After the tour you can take a coffee or tea in the harbor, before the bus leaves to Ica. From Ica it is a short taxi ride to the well know oasis of Huacachina.
Huacachina, sunset buggy toursAfter a light lunch you will join a spectacular ‘Sunset Buggy Tour’ over the sand dunes around Huacachina. To complete the adventure, you will also spend the night in a tent, under the clear desert sky right inside the oases of Huacachina!

Day 3: Huacachina – Nasca – Arequipa

Astronaut flight Nazca LinesToday it is only a 2 hour bus ride to Nasca, famous for the presence of the mysterious Nasca-lines. There are still many theories about why and how these lines were drew in the dessert, but most likely the real answer will always stay a mystery. Depending on the weather conditions it is optional to fly in the morning or afternoon over these lines.
Note: Please ask us for actual prices and regulations if you want to fly over the Nasca Lines.
Under normal circumstances there will be plenty of time left to also visit the unique cemetery of Chauchilla, where century old, but well preserved mummies and skeletons look up at you from their holes/ graves in the dessert ground.
Tonight around 22:00h you will take a very comfortable public bus towards Arequipa (9h)

Day 4: Arequipa

Arequipa PeruBefore arriving in Arequipa they will serve a small breakfast with coffee or tea. After arriving in Arequipa around 7:30 am you have a free day to discover Arequipa (on 2350m altitude) and start acclimatizing. Arequipa is also called ‘The White City’, because most of the buildings in the city centre were build with stones of volcanic white sillar. To most Peruvians their ‘Ciudad Blanca’, surrounded by impressive volcanoes is the most beautiful city in Peru. Discover for yourself if you agree with them. We recommend to visit at least the famous Juanita Ice Princes and impressive Santa Catalina Convent.

Day 5: Arequipa

Santa Catalina convent ArequipaOn your second day in Arequipa you can take it easy and prepare yourself for going to higher altitude. You can also take a tour through the surrounding of the city, or enjoy a so called ‘Reality Tour’ (depending on availability). This tour Reality Tour will bring you to less visited places of Arequipa and explain more about the daily life of the people in Arequipa.

Day 6: Arequipa – Colca Canyon Trek 2 days/ one night, Oasis

Cabanaconda Arequipa3:00 am you leave Arequipa by bus towards the Colca Canyon. You will ascent quickly and before you decent in the Colca Cañon you will drive over a pass at 4900m altitude.
You reach Chivay (3620m), the capital town of the Colca Canyon, around 7:00 am. There is time for breakfast before you leave towards Cabanaconde.
On our way we already make a few short stops at the best known viewpoint over the famous canyon.
After about one and a half hour you pass by the Cruz del Condor (maybe you can already see your first condors) and short after you arrive in Cabanaconde town (3450m altitude).
From here you start walking, descending into the Colca Cañon, passing the hanging bridge of San Juan de Chuccho. The trek brings you through the canyon with semi tropical vegetation, visiting different local villages with no other transport than by donkeys. You sleep in the village Sangalle (Oasis).

Day 7: Colca Canyon Trek – Oasis - Cabanaconde – Chivay – Puno

Colca Canyon Condor tourAt 4:00/ 4:30 am you start ascending (1300m) from Oasis to Cabanaconda. After about 3 hours you arrive at the top, have breakfast and drive in 15 min. towards Cruz del Condor.
Here you will wait for the condor to wake-up and for the temperature to rise. As soon as the temperature is high enough to warm the wings of the condor and to create enough up-going thermal airstreams the condors will take off to give their daily show.
Note: Although the Colca Canyon is home to one of the biggest condor populations in the world,
they are still wild animals. From April to October there is a very good change to see them, but there is never a guarantee. From October to April it is breading season and there is a big change not to see any condors.
From the Cruz del Condor you drive back to Chivay. On the way you can make several stops again and bring short visits to the villages of Maca and Yanque.
After lunch in Chivay you drive back over the high pass (4900m) to the Coca tea cafeteria (1.5h). After a tea-stop you will drive along a scenic route towards Puno (4.5h).

Day 8: Puno – Free day (optional to visit Uros, Taquile or Sillustani)

Taquile Island Lake Titicaca PeruPeruvians see Puno (3830m) as their musical capital and there are often small parades in the streets. From Puno start every day tours to the famous islands at this side of Lake Titicaca, the islands of Uros and Taquile. The Uros Islands are floating islands, made out of reed by the Uros civilization. Taquile is mostly famous for its woolen hats. Following centuries old traditions the men on this small island had to knit a hat in order to ask the father of their girlfriend if they were allowed to marry their daughter. From the quality of the knitting a father could ‘read’ if the boy was a skilled and hard worker, or lazy.
Another recommendable option for the afternoon is to visit Sillustani. Here you can admire the impressive grave towers of the Collas civilization.  Historians believe that even the Inca’s adopted building skills from the Collas.

Day 9: Puno – Cusco

Artesania in La RayaToday you will travel by comfortable bus in 6.5h from Puno to Cusco. Along the way you will cross a high pass at 4300 m, before going down into the long valley of Cusco. When going down again you will notice that the surrounding gets green and fertile. Legends even say that the first Inca`s merged from Isla del Sol in Lake Titicaca and walked this route until they found the perfect spot to build their “City of Kings”, Cusco. You will arrive late in the afternoon.

Day 10: Cusco - Sacred Valley - Aguas Calientes

Salineras de Maras in Sagred ValleyFor today we included a beautiful private tour through the Sacred Valley with a visit to the archeological site of Pisac. Passing along the ruins and enjoying the great views over the valley the guide will explain you most of the impressive Inca history.
After visiting the archeological site of Pisac, you will have time to stroll around on the colorful market of the village of Pisac and or have lunch.
On the way to the village of Ollantaytambo, you will also bring a visit to Salineras. This is a pre-Inca salt winning place from the Maras culture. Hundreds of years ago they started to collect the water from a mountain in small shallow pools. The sun would dry the water and whet was left was salt. Even now this system is still working and the white ‘salt pans’ profide a great view in the green valley. Ollantaytambo fortressFrom Salineras you drive further to the village of Ollantaytambo.
After a short walk through the village, your guide will lead you around the ancient Inca fortress of this village. The fortress of Ollantaytambo is one of the very few places where the Inca’s won a big battle against the Spanish conquistadors.
After visiting this interesting site you will drive back to Cusco (1.5h).When there is time left, you will also bring a visit to the local markt of Chinchero.

Day 11: Cusco

Cuzco plazaA fee day in Cusco. Your hotel is in the historical city centre of Cusco, a good place from where to start exploring the city. Cusco is a great city with many highlights to see and visit, it is a city where it’s many historical sites and museums keep even the most experienced traveler busy.

Day 12: Start 4 Days private/ shared Salkantay Trek

Horses on the Salkantay TrekIn the early morning we pick you up at your hotel and drive in about 4 hours to the village of Mollepata. After breakfast in a local restaurant we drive to Soraypampa where we hike in about 1,5 hour to lake Tucarway. A beautiful view, not only on the lake, but also on the surrounding glaciers! We return to Soraypampa for lunch and after that we hike in about 2 hours to our first camp site at Salkantaypampa (4100 meters).
Total hiking time: 6 hours.

Day 13: Salkantay Trek

Salkantay trek summitThe second day of the trek is the hardest as wehave a steep climb up to the Salkantay pass of 4600 meters. And at the top we’re not entirely done yet: We then have to go down for about 6 or 7 hours. Luckily we have a lunch break and we can enjoy beautiful views: the snow covered mountains disappear slowly out of sight as we enter the upper cloud forest: a whole other world! Our second camp is near a beautiful hot spring at 2800 meters (entrance fee: S/. 5). Were done with the cold!
Total hiking time: 9 hours.

Day 14: Salkantay Trek – Aguas Calientes

Salkantay TrekkingToday we walk for about 5 hours, towards the village of La Playa where we have our lunch. Afterwards we walk or take transportation to the Hydro Electric Plant, from where we walk for 12 km along the railway through lush forrest to Aguas Calientes. Optional you can choose to go by train. We stay for the night in a clean but basic hotel in Aguas Calientes.

Day 15: Salkantay Trek – Aguas Calientes – Machu Picchu - Cusco

Guiding around Machu PicchuThe next morning, at 5:30am, we take one of the first busses to Machu Picchu, to arrive there before most tourists. After a guided tour of about 2,5 hours, you have plenty of time to explore the ‘Lost City of the Incas´ on your own, to climb Huayna Picchu or Mount Machu Picchu (please keep in mind that you will have to let us know directly with your booking if you want to climb one of these mountains!). You can also decide to hike the very last part, back up  the Inca Trail towards Inti Punku, the sun gate. More information About Machu Picchu.
In the afternoon you’ll take the bus to Aguas Calientes and from there return by train and bus back to your hotel in Cusco.

Day 16: Cusco

Huge stones at SacsayhuamanA free day to discover Cusco, and/or to relax and enjoy a cup of coffee/tea on one of the balconies around Plaza del Armas. Active options for today include a rafting tour, horseback riding, mountain biking, or even bring a visit to the Rainbow Mountains (departure 3 am in the morning!). We can also recommend to make a pretty and interesting hike passing by some of the most important archeological Inca sites around Cusco, including: Tambo Machay, Puca Pucara, Quenko and the impressive site of Sacsayhuamán!

Day 17: Cusco – flight to Lima – Movil Tours at 13:00h to Huaraz

Huaraz CityToday we have scheduled an early flight back to Lima. This should give you enough time to have a late breakfast or early lunch in Miraflores, at the coast of Lima, before you drive in about 8.5h to Huaraz.
During this fascinating bus ride you go from the coastal desert right into the rough nature of the Cordillera Blanca. This mountain range stretches over more than 200 km and includes more than 58 snow capped mountains. Within the next days we hope op good weather, so you can admire the total beauty of this scenic landscape.
After arriving in Huaraz (3000m altitude) you will be transferred to your hotel.

Day 18: Huaraz (optional: Laguna Llanganuco/ Yungay, or Laguna 69)

Laguna Llanganuco HuarazToday you can relax and prepare yourself for the big hike that starts tomorrow. Since you have been acclimatizing to the higher altitude already from day 6 of this journey, you could also choose to fill this day with a visit to Laguna Llanganuco. This turquoise colored lake is surrounded by snow capped mountains and trees from a fairytale story.
You will have time to make a short walk around the lake before the tour continues to Caraz. This town is known for its tasty manjar (kind of caramel cream).
The last stop of the day is in Yungay at Campo Santo. On the 31th of May 1970 a heavy earthquake and the following massive avalanche buried this whole town and most of its citizen under meters of ice, mud and rocks.
The only silent witnesses are the tops of 4 palm trees from the former main plaza….
Another option is to make a short day-hike towards the famous Laguna 69.
Back to Huaraz.

Day 19: Start Huayhuas Trek (9 days/ 8 nights)

The T23- Huayhuash Vuelta Full Loop:
This is the best option to visit the Huayhuash Mountain Range. The trail starts in Quartelwain and finishes in Llamac. Besides, it includes the visit to the most beautiful lakes of Huayhuaysh: Jahuacocha and Carhuacocha and the impressive 6000 m peaks: Yerupaja and Jirishanca.
It is possible to take a glance on the Jurau Lake from the San Antonio view point and also the Diablo Mudo, Sacras and Rasac peaks. Short tour details:
Level:                        Difficult
Distance about:        163 km.
Maximal elevation:     5000 m.s.n.m. (masl)

Huayhuas Trekking HuarazIn the backpacker/ shared service this tour already starts with the pick-up at 4:00 am from the hostel, to be at 4:30 am at the bus terminal and take the 5:00 am public bus.
You will travel towards the south of the Callejón de Huaylas, to Chiquian Town where the rough tracks start towards Llamac Village (about 3h30 min. travel time). From Llamac you will walk about 4 hours along a dirt road to the campsite of the Quartelhuain Hamlet (4 hours). Quartelhuain is a small hamlet of sheep shepards not far from the dirt road.
During private service, or when the shared service has more than 7 participants, then this trek can start at 9:00 am and you will travel in about 5 hours all the way to Quartelhuain. After arriving in Quartelhuain you will have time to acclimatize at an altitude of 4200 m. Rest well, because tomorrow you will have to walk for 8 to 9 hours on high altitude.
Overnight and dinner at campsite.


Day 20: Quartelhuain - Carhuacocha

Huayhuas TrekAlter breakfast you will ascent to 4 to 5 hours to Carhuac Pass (4650 masl) where you can have a glimpse of the small Jirishanca. Then trail goes down towards Carhuacoha Lake in approximately 1 hour, during the trail you appreciate Jirishanca and Yerupaja peaks.
Dinner and overnight at the campsite, on the shores of a lake.

Day 21: Carhuacocha - Huayhuash

View Huayhuas TrekThis day there are two options: the first one is to take the normal route of the donkeys (4 -5 hours) towards Punta Carnicero Pass (4600 masl) and then descents to Huayhuash campsite and the second (recommendable) option is to climb up Siula Pass (4800 masl) by a steep trail but with a magnificent views of the three turquoise lakes at the feet of Siula Peak (6 -7 hours). On the way, it is also possible to appreciate Carnicerococha Lake at the feet of the impressive Carnicero Peak. Dinner and overnight campsite.

Day 22: Huayhuash - Viconga

Waterfall Huayhuas TrekEarly in the morning you start the ascent to Portachuelo, de Huayhuash Pass (4750 masl). On the way you can appreciate Trapecio (5653 masl), Sueroraju (5439 masl) and the Puscanturpas peaks (5550 masl) and also the dam-lake of Viconga. Arrival to the campsite in Viconga after 5 or 6 hours. There it is also possible to take a bath in the natural thermal water of the Viconga river.

Day 23: Viconga - Huanacpatay

Camping Huayhuas TrekEarly in the morning you will ascent the Cuyoc Pass (5000 masl) very close to Cuyoc Glaciar (3 – 4 hours). From here starts the descent towards Huanacpatay Valley. During the hike you can appreciate Trapecio (5653 masl) and Jurau (5600 masl). Then you can climb up by a steep way to San Antonio viewpoint (3 – 4 hours up and down) where you can appreciate the Jurau Peak and Lake, before you continue for 1 or 2 hours more to the Huanacpatay campsite.

Day 24: Huanacpatay - Huatiac

Early in the morning, you start descending until Huayllapa Town. From here starts the ascent to Huatiac (4 -5 hours). Dinner and overnight at the campsite on the mountain.

Day 25: Huatiac - Laguna Jahuacocha

From Huayhuas TrekkingHuatiac it takes 6 to 7 hours to arrive to Jahuacoha Lake, passing the Tapush Punta (4800 masl) and Yaucha passes (4800 masl). On the way you can appreciate the following mountain peaks: Diablo Mudo, Huacrish (5774 masl), Sacra (5548 masl), Rasac (6017 masl), Yerupaja (6634 masl), Jirishanca (6094 masl) and Rondoy (5870 masl). Dinner and overnight at the campsite at the shores of the lake.

Day 26: Laguna Jahuacocha

Lakes Huayhuas TrekDay at leisure to walk around the lake to observe variety of Andean birds, or climb up to the Solteracocha Lake (2-3 hours). There is also the possibility that you can buy a lamp to prepare Pachamanca (typical Peruvian Andean dish of the campesinos where the meat is cooked with firewood and warm stones underground), that cost about 45 soles around US$ 18. Dinner and overnight campsite on the shores of the lake. Breakfast, lunch and dinner Included.

Day 27: Laguna Jahuacocha - Llamac - Huaraz

Early in the morning we leave through the Pacllón Valley and trough a pass of 4300 masl to descent into Llamac Village (4-5 hours). From this village we will catch our transportation to bring us back to Huaraz city. Arrival in Huaraz about 5 PM and transfer to your hotel.

Day 28: Huaraz – (optional: Chavin de Huantar)

Chavin tour HuarazToday you can sleep in and enjoy a well deserved rest.
But for those who still have energy left it is a very interesting option to join an optional tour towards the impressive archeological site of Chavin de Huantar.
It is a scenic route of about 4 hours and on the way you will make a few (photo) stops. One of these stops is at the beautiful Querococha lake. After that the ride continues over the highest point and through the tunnel of Kawish (4500m).
The site itself was once build by the Chavin, one of the oldest cultures of Peru (900 till 200 BC).
Some of the highlights from this site include: ‘cabezas claves’ (key heads), ‘Lanzon de Chavin’ (the lance of Chavin), the water draining system of the plaza and the impressive main temple.
Overnight in: Hotel Tumi, Santa Cruz, San Sebastian

Day 29: Huaraz – Lima

HuarazAfter a relaxing morning you will leave around 13:00h in a comfortable bus from Huaraz back to Lima (8.5h).
Upon arriving you will be transferred to your hotel.

Day 30: Lima

Transfer to the airport to catch your flight back home.

Included and recommended to bring with on this tour:

–    18 Nights in middle class hotels, incl. breakfast
–    One night in a comfortable public overnight bus
–    10 Nights in quality tents, based on 2 people sharing a double tent
–    All transfers in private service
–    All long distances in comfortable direct public busses with satellite control
–    * A tour to Islas Ballestas in shared international service, with an English speaking guide, exclusive 6 soles entrance fee.
–    * Camping with BBQ in the desert of Huacachina (when permission is granted)
–    * A two days hike into the Colca Cañon, including transport and English speaking guide, exclusive 70 soles entrance feel
–    * A private tour into the Sacred Valley near Cusco, inclusive private transport and English speaking guide, exclusive 70 soles entrance fee.
–    A Salkantay Trek in international group service with an English speaking guide, including:
–    -> transportations as described above
-> entrance fee to Machu Picchu (S/. 128)
-> hotel: double room in Aguas Calientes
-> horsemen and horses to carry tents, cooking equipment, and backpacks (max 6 kg per person)
-> cook, kitchen and eat tent, including tables and chairs and meals (3 breakfasts, 3 lunches, 3 dinners; vegetarian food available on request)
-> English-speaking guide
-> camping equipment including tents and mattress
-> medical assistance, first aid kit, emergency oxygen bottle
–    A private Huayhuas trek, including:
*    Public transportation from 1 to 6 people
*    Private transfers and transportation from 7 people or to and from places where there is no public transportation
*    Full board (breakfast, box lunch, snack, supper)
*    English speaking trekking guide – cook from 1 to 3 people
*    Kitchen-dining tent from 1 to 3 people
*    Camping gear: Kitchen-dinning and toilet tent, table and chairs, tableware, gas lamp from 4 people
*    Personal gear: Mattress and 4 seasons tents (Ferrino, Doite)
*    Muleteer + Mules or donkeys
*    Morning boiled water to fill water bottle or cantimplore
*    First Aid Kit

This tour does not include:
–    International flights and airport taxes
–    Due to administrative rules the entrance fees of: Islas Ballestas (6 soles), Colca Cañon (70 soles), Sacred Valley (70 soles) and National Park Huascaran 24 US$, if 1 US$ is 2.5 soles, the total amount of entrance fees is around 83 US$ additional + optional 12 or 8 US$ to climb Huayna Picchu, or Machu Picchu Mountain
–    Personal expenses and other things not mentioned in the itinerary above
–    Optional excursions
–    A sleeping bag (for rent when needed)
–    Extra horses/ donkeys or porters to carry your personal things (for rent)
–    Tips
–    International banking fees
–    Obligated travel and health insurance

We recommend you to check the local visa and vaccination obligations before you leave.

Some Recommendations about what to bring:

–    Valid identification and travel documents and when needed a valid visa
–    The information of your travel insurance
–    Valid vaccinations, ask you countries health centre for more information
–    Small backpack (45 liters)
–    Big backpack or bag
–    Sleeping bag -10 Cª
–    Sportive clothes (short pants, t-shirt, sunhat)
–    Sunglasses with UV protection
–    Sun block and repellent
–    Ecological soap
–    Warm clothes (thermal underwear, fleece jacket and pants, waterproof jacket and pants, gloves, wool hat, 2 or 3 pairs of cotton and wool socks)
–    Photo Camera
–    Headlamp
–    Comfortable Trekking boots
–    Sandals
–    Purifying pills
–    Plastic bags as protection against the rain
–    Water bottle or cantimplore
–    Something to be able to back-up your photos
–    Protection against mosquito’s (you can also buy in Peru)

In Huaraz city it is possible to rent waterproof jacket and pants, down jacket, headlamp, and backpack for an additional price.

Recommendations for a good acclimation:
–    Rest the first day
–    Drink much more than usual
–    Drink Coca tea
–    Eat light food

Important: For more information about Altitude sickness, we recommend you to check:Symptoms of altitude sickness

High pass Huayhuas Trek
Vicuñas in the Colca Canyon
7d Machu Picchu Titikaka reis
Hiking over Taquile Island
Waterfall on Huayhuas Trek
Laguna 69 lake
Snowcapped mountains in Huayhuas
Lake view on Huayhuas Loop
Hiking past snowcapped mountains and lakes
High pass Huayhuas Trek
Indigenous woman crossing river
Camping on Huayhuas Trek
Huayhuas snowcapped mountain view
Snowcapped mountains on Huayhuas Trek
Hiking the Huayhuas Loop
Hiking Huayhuas
Start Huayhuas Trek
Hiking past snowcapped mountains
Hiking past lakes and snow
Old Peruvian farm
Plaza de Armas, Cusco
Walking the streets of Cusco
Camping on the Huayhuas Loop
Cemetery, Misti and Chanchani Volcanoes
Chavin de Huantar
Tunnel on Colca Canyon road
Hiking the Inca Jungle Trail
Anthula hiking the Huayhuas Loop
Plaza de Armas in Arequipa
San Francisco church in Lima Peru
Sacsayhuaman huge Inca walls
Salt pans from Salineras de Maras
Abra Salkantay Trek summit
Horses on the Salkantay Trek
View form Pisac
Amazing view over Machu Picchu

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