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Treasure of the Galapagos cruises

Technical details of the yacht:

Type:                 Motor catamaran
Service level:      First Class
Capacity:          16 persons
Length:             30.97 m
Beam:              11.20 m
Speed:             12 knots
Crew:               8 members plus 1 hotel manager and 1 naturalist guide level III
Equipment:       2 motors 485 hpm Cummins, 2 generators 75 kw, 3.500g. fuel, 3.900g. water desalinate system.

Details of the Treasure of the Galapagos and its cruises:

More details about the Treasure of the Galapagos
Cabins:             1 suite with balcony, 8 double outside cabins with balcony and private bathroom, 2 double lower deck cabins with hot water, air conditioning, vanity dressers and security boxes. Closed-circuit TV, DVD, minibar, satellite communication and internet wireless system.

Social areas:    2 lounges, one TV and DVD area, 1 dining room, 2 bars, 4 different solarium areas, 1 library and 1 boutique.

To get a better impression about the Galapagos Cruises and tours, we recommend you to have a look at our detailed section with information about the different islands and their landings sites: Galapagos Island Info

Itinerary of the cruises:

Cruise A: 5d/4n -> Friday till Tuesday
Friday:          Airport at Baltra – Charles Darwin Station
Saturday:      North Seymour – Bartolome
Sunday:        South Plazas – San Cristobal (Cerro Brujo)
Monday:       San Cristobal (Punta Pitt) – Lobos island
Tuesday:      San Cristobal (Interpretation Centre) – Airport at San Cristobal

Cruise B: 5d/4n -> Tuesday till Saturday
Tuesday:        San Cristobal Airport – Cerro Colorado
Wednesday:  Española Gardner Bay + Suarez Point
Thursday:      Floreana (Mirador Baronesa – Cormorant Point)
Friday:          Santa Fe – Santa Cruz (Tortuga Bay)
Saturday:     Santa Cruz (Twin Craters) – Airport at Baltra

Cruise C: 7d/6n -> Saturday till Friday
Saturday:        Airport at Baltra – Charles Darwin Station
Sunday:          Isabela Tintoreras
Monday:         Isabela (Moreno Point – Urbina Bay)
Tuesday:        Fernandina Mangle point and Espinosa Point
Wednesday:  Santiago (Puerto Egas) – Rabida
Thursday:      Bachas Beach – Santa Cruz  (Dragon Hill)
Friday:           Santa Cruz (Twin Craters) – Airport at Baltra

Different Galapagos Island routes and their prices:

Treasure of Galapagos Tour Itinerary(it is possible to combine tours):

Cruise A: 5d/4n -> Tuesday till Saturday ->              Price Junior Suite Cabins from: 2450 US$ p.p. excl. flights
Price Master Suite Cabins from: 3045 US$ p.p. excl. flights

Cruise B: 5d/4n -> Tuesday till Saturday ->              Price Junior Suite Cabins from: 2450 US$ p.p. excl. flights
Price Master Suite Cabins from: 3045 US$ p.p. Incl. flights

Cruise C: 7d/6n -> Saturday till Friday ->                 Price Junior Suite Cabins from: 3450 US$ p.p. excl. flights
Price Master Suite Cabins from: 4295 US$ p.p. excl. flights

Important Bookings info:
Due to the complex system of cruise dates and routes, we ask you to read carefully all the information we provided about the tours and islands and to inform us as complete as possible about your travel dates and (tour) preferences. We will reply as soon as possible with the actual price and for what dates the tour is still available.

Treasure catamaran cruises
Swimming sea turtle
Black marine iguanas
Dirty tortoise
Turtle on the beach
Dinner at Treasure Yacht
Jacuzzi on Treasure Yacht
Master suite on Treasure Yacht
Cabin of the Galapagos Treasure Yacht
The Treasure Yacht
Sleepy sea lion
Iguanas on the rocks
Iguanas on the rocks
Sleeping sea lions
Colorful iguana
Posing iguana
Nestling Frigate Bird
Posing Blue Footed Booby

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