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Golondrina Galapagos Cruises

The Golondrina yacht offers Galapagos Cruises with a very good price/ quality comparison, which makes her cruises popular with travel agencies that offer group tours!

Price indication Golondrina Galapagos Cruises:
4 Day cruise: 1345 US$ (lower deck) and 1445 US$ upper deck;
5 Day cruise: 1675 US$ (lower deck) and 1775 US$ upper deck;
8 Day cruise: 2658 US$ (lower deck) and 2758 US$ upper deck.
Note: these prices are a reference, the actual prices can be slightly higher or even lower, depending on season and demand.

Golondrina Galapagos cruises Ecuador
Technical details:
Type:           Motor
Length:         22.22m
Beam:           5.09m
Speed:          8 knots
Category:     Tourist Class
Generators:   2 kohler 13 kw 10 kw
Crew:           5 + professional guide class II
Capacity:     16 passengers

To get a better impression about the Galapagos Cruises and tours, we recommend you to have a look at our detailed section with information about the different islands and their landings sitesGalapagos Island Info

Dining room GolondrinaDetails of the Golondrina tour and the 2023 cruises:

Navigation equipment:
24 mile furuno radar, gps, satellite navigator, echo sounder, furuno 1000 ft. speed and distance log, compasses, barometer, clock.

Safety equipment:
Eepirb (emergency position indicating radio beacom), life  jackets, flares and signals, fire smoke detectors, complete fire system.

Golondrina Lounge GalapagosAccommodation:
8 Double Cabins with Private Bathroom, Air Conditioning,  Living Room, Dining Room,  Bar, Solarium,  Technical Facilities to Dive,  Diving Full Charters,  Complete Snorkeling Gear for rent during the tour.

Departure days for 5, 8 and 15 days cruises are on Fridays.

Check out the Golondrina website for more actual information about exact Golondrina Cruise routes.

Cruise itinerary’s:

Cruise A: 8D/7N
Friday:          Airport Baltra – Bachas Beach
Saturday:      Genovesa (El Barranco, Darwin Bay)
Sunday:        Bartolome –Sullivan Bay
Monday:        South Plazas – Santa Fe
Tuesday:       San Cristobal (Cerro Brujo) – Kicker Rock – Islas Lobos
Wednesday:  Española (Suarez Point, Gardner Bay)
Thursday:      Floreana (Cormorant Point, Devil´s Crown) Santa Cruz (Charles Darwin Station)
Friday:          North Seymour – Airport Baltra

Cruise B: 5D/4N
Friday:         Airport Baltra – Sombrero Chino
Saturday:      Fernandina (Espinosa Point)  – Isabela (Urbina)
Sunday:        Isabela (Moreno Point en Tagus Cove)
Monday:       Santiago (Puerto Egas – Espumilla Beach)
Tuesday:       Charles Darwin Station – Luchthaven Baltra

Cruise D: 8D / 7N
Friday:    Airport Baltra – Sombrero Chino
Saturday:    Fernandina (Espinosa Point) – Isabela (Urbina Bay)
Sunday:    Isabela (Moreno Point, Tagus Cove)
Monday:    Santiago (Puerto Egas, Espumilla Beach)
Tuesday:    Santa Cruz (Charles Darwin Station, El Chato)
Wednesday:    Isabela (Humedales, Breeding Centre, Sierra Negra)
Thursday:    Santa Cruz (Whale Bay, Eden Dragon Hill)
Friday:    Black Turtle Cove – Airport Baltra

Cruise E = (A+D): 15D / 14N

Friday:    airport Baltra – Bachas Beach
Saturday:    Genovesa (El Barranco, Darwin)
Sunday:    Bartolome – Sullivan Bay
Monday:    South Plazas – Santa Fe
Tuesday:    San Cristobal (Cerro Brujo, Kicker Rock) – Islas Lobos
Wednesday:    Española (Suarez Point, Gardner Bay, Islote Osborn)
Thursday:    Floreana (Cormorant Point) – Charles Darwin Station
Friday:    Seymour Norte – Sombrero Chino
Saturday:    Fernandina (Espinosa Point) – Isabela (Urbina Bay)
Sunday:    Isabela (Moreno  Point, Tagus Cove)
Monday:    Santiago (Puerto Egas, Espumilla Beach, Buccaneer’s Cove)
Tuesday:    Santa Cruz (Tortuga Bay, El Chato)
Wednesday:    Isabela (Humedales, Wall of Tears, Breeding Centre, Sierra Negra)
Thursday:    Santa Cruz (Whale Bay, Eden, Dragon Hill)
Friday:    Black Turtle Cove – Airport Baltra

Different Galapagos routes + their prices:

Different Golondrina Galapagos routes + their prices (it is also possible to combine tours):

Cruise A: 8d/7n ->Tour from Friday till Friday                                      Price from: 2658 US$ p.p. excl. flights!

Cruise B
: 5d/4n -> Tour from Friday till Tuesday                                  Price from: 1672 US$ p.p. excl. flights!

Cruise D: 8d/7n -> Tour from Friday till Friday                                     Price from: 2658 US$ p.p. excl. flights!

Cruise E: = (A+D) -> 15d/14n -> Friday till Friday                               Price from: 5100 US$ p.p. excl. flights!

The rate includes:
• All meals, Buffet (breakfast – lunch – dinner) water with meals.
• Accommodation in double cabins.
• Transfers from the airport to the yacht and vice versa inGalapagos.
• Excursions on the islands with English Speaking Nature Guide.

Rate does not include:

• Galapagos National Park Entrance Fee: 100 US$ per person
• Migratory Control Card: 20 US$ per person
• Return air ticket (of about 480 US$)
• Soft drinks and alcoholics beverages.
• Snorkeling equipment for rent on board (about 25 US$ for the whole tour).
• Tips.

• Single occupancy supplement min. 50% to 80%
• The route of the ship and the itinerary are subject to change and can vary depending on the regulations and policies of the Galapagos National Park, weather, seasonal changes, safety, etc..

Golondrina Galapagos cruises
giant tortoises on the Galapagos Islands
Galapagos Beach

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