3. Travel Story

Sweat, sea, rain and river water.
First some things about Belize that attracts my attention:
It's here less crowded and also a lot more quiet than in most Mexican city's. And I think that this is not only because there live less people in Belize, or because this is a no tourist season, but also because it seems that people in Belize don't like to hurry and to me a lot of them look even lazy. Go one time with a regular bus and you know what I mean...
An exception are however the bus drivers. Some times they really drive like madman’s, even across some terrible roads!
I also experienced that it's more difficult to travel in Belize on a low budget and still see and do a lot. Not al the beautiful places are easy to reach, live is also more expensive and tourists have to pay at least double the admission fee to enter en park or ruin site?!Yet Belize has also a lot of beautiful and interesting things to see and do.
Some places I've visited in following order are:
Orange Walk, Lamanai, Belice City, Crooked Tree Wildlife, Cockscomb Wildlife (the jaguar resort), Placencia, Caye Caulker, San Ignacio, Barton Creek Cave, The Blue Hole National Park and Belize Zoo.
The highlights and disappointments of this places were:
Orange Walk is nothing more than a sleepy town. The environment near the ruins of Lamanai and the trip by boat to and from the site, were very nice. Especially because of the many birds, tree species and some animals we saw, under which Toucans, howler monkeys, a crocodile
and even a fox.
The first inhabitants of Belize City I met were the cockroaches at the bus station and then it also started to rain again. So maybe that change my point of view, but I found it a dirty and unfriendly city. On the low places in the city, that where close to the sea, the seawater streamed even into the sewer and on some places you could see small fish swimming in the
gutters beside the road!
Crooked Tree was not very special to me. A big low water lake with mangrove and different species of birds.
Cockscomb I liked better. With an other traveller, I met at the entrance, we spent the night there and walked some beautiful trails and in spite of seeing no jaguar, we saw a lot of lizards, colourful and big butterfly's and even a deer and a tarantula!
Placencia, a very small and hot beach village, on a narrow peninsula south of Belize, is a real touristic village with small palm beaches. Although I want to met as less people as possible when I'm in the jungle, a tourist village on the beach in the wrong season, is very boring without tourists...
For the first time I even felt a little bit lonely, but not for long...
Caye Caulker had the same problem, but still more tourists and more fun. The island it self is not very special, there is even no real beach, but the atmosphere and the dive and snorkel possibility's are beautiful. On a snorkel trip I did wit 3 German travellers, we went even swimming between sister sharks, I fed some fish and saw even a big Green Moray of at least 6 feet!
San Ignacio in the western part of Belize is more a small mountain town and looks different than the other places I've seen before in Belize. Another thing that attracts my attention was that there live a lot of Chinese people in this town, they own most of the shops and speak often very bad English?!
From San Ig. we took a tour to Barton Creek Cave, a dripstone cave, where we went for almost 2 hours with a canoe through the cave.
The day after I visited the blue Hole National Park. The Blue Hole was nothing more than a deep cenote and even less beautiful than I saw in Tulum. But the jungle trails were very nice, except for the many mosquitos.
My highlights of the day were the sight of the entrance of St. Herman's Cave, that would sure fit in a pirate movie and the green vine snake (about 1m) that crossed my path.
Today, Sunday 9-14-2003, I went to Belize Zoo. Not bad, but to small to justify the high admission fee.Before I forget, on our way to the Zoo happened what I expected earlier, the
bus broke down.
When I arrived in San Ignacio again the river was rising, because of the heavy rain last night and the wooden bridge I'd used in the morning was already flooded! One and a half hour ago (20:30u), the river had rised at least 3 feet more, even the market field was flooded now and some shop owners started to remove their stuff to higher places. I wonder how the river will be tomorrow????????

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