27. Travel Story

Hola Amigos y Amigas,

I know that it’s been some time ago that I wrote my story about tour-guiding. I know that I was suppose to come home. I know I was suppose to do a lot of things, but ones again I changed al my plans to follow my heart
For those of you I didn’t send an update yet, which are most of you, I will tell you what happened after my group left.
I first had to do some paperwork with the local agency, my company is working with. But after I left straight to Ecuador to visit my friends who are starting up their new animal refuge.
Alright, I got a bit of a delay, because of the temptation of a pretty Colombian girl
But the temptation wasn’t strong enough to keep me from visiting some ‘old’ friends.
I had a bit more than two weeks left before I had to fly back to Holland, so my plan was to say hallo to my friends, take some Spanish classes and fly back home. There I would go for a week to Israel to visit some friends, to earn some more money (so maybe I could go to Asia after my next trip), take some first aid lessons, pass by the office of my company and prepare my next trip very well. So I had a lot of plans.
But my plans got already their first cracks when I arrived in Mera at the house that my friends are renting there. I asked them how things went with building up their refuge? They told me that things went slow, but there was progress. They had just finished building a bridge to have better access to their land and now they were about to start building the volunteer- house.
‘Wow, can I see the plans?’ ‘We don’t have any plans, but the house will be in the shape of an hexican of 5 by 5 meters. It will be made of wood and with 2 floors.’
‘But how do you want to build this without any plans and drawings?’ ‘We have some help from 2 Ecuadorian men.’
I decided to make a drawing of their ideas, before I started my Spanish classes. Making the drawing made my heart goo faster. I wanted to help to build this. But I have to improve my Spanish, I have a flight back, I have so many other plans. I just got a new job, which I like very much and I shouldn’t get into a new adventure, while the last isn’t even finished yet...
I will give myself a week off fulltime Spanish classes and then I will see what I think.
You can already guess what happened. I had found a new challenge; building a house in the jungle. I decided that I would try to stay as long as possible to help my friends. This would mean that I would lose my flight home and that I would stay in South America until my next group would arrive, on the 30th of September.
I thought that this wouldn’t be a problem for my company as well, sins they had to buy me a new flight anyway. However single flights are more expensive, and if you don’t use the first flight of your return, you lose the second as well... My company has also a contract with the airliner, for better prices, but within this contract it isn’t possible to buy any flights that doesn’t leave first from Amsterdam...
To late now, I already made my decision, now we just have to deal with this. Should be no problem to find my own cheap ticket and they can pay me back after.
Now it is the 29th of September, about 7 weeks after I first left Lima and I’m back in Lima again. I’ve just picked up the first 2 people of my group, who had a different flight. Tomorrow the rest of my group will arrive and than a new tour will start. I look forward to this, but I also feel a bit sad that I had to leave my friends and their project.
I look back on a great time in Ecuador. Building a house in the middle of the jungle, during rain and sunshine. Without electricity and expensive tools, but on a great place and with great people!
I came there to visit some friends and I felt welcome and useful. Like in Bolivia I found a second home again. But this was different. I came to visit some friends, but I made new and they became closer. Being in the house in Mera, I really felt at home.
Being back in Lima it feels like a piece of my heart is still in Mera. I should be happy about that, but it also makes things more complicated. I like my freedom and it is so much easier being a tour-leader with no strings attached... Alright I will get over that, I will visit as much as possible, but I will still try to go my own way.
If you want to know more about this new animal refuge in Ecuador, you can visit their webpage on  www.merazonia.org  Here you can also see the photos of how the house starts to look like. It looks very impressive!
Ok, for me it is time to write a speech for tomorrow. The next 29 days I will be travelling through Peru, Chili and Bolivia with 16 Dutch tourists and a lot of money.
Wish me luck, or better, fun ;-)

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