1. The beginning

My live as a traveller starts on August 2, 2003...

As a little boy I always had the dream to build my own sailing boat and sail around the world. Now I was 24 and had studied and worked for about 7 year as a yacht builder. I liked my job, but there was still something missing, the adventure. I wanted more adventure in my live, I wanted to see more of the world. But I also had a good job which I liked and I had plans to go for floor-manager in the company I worked for.
However I really like to travel, it wasn´t an easy decision to quit my job and to go on a journey of 11 months through Latin America.
About the consequences of this decision, the places I´ve been and the things I´ve done, you can read in the stories below, one thing is for sure; I´ve never regret my decision.

I first wrote my stories in Dutch and later translated them into English. Especially within my first stories you will notice that I´m not only practising my Spanish during this trip, but also my English needs to improve a lot. I hope this is not too disturbing and I really hope you like to read about my experiences and maybe they can convince you to go travelling as well...

My first travel-story in English...

On request of some other travellers who were curious after my future experience, I´ve decided to try to write an English travel report also.
My journey started on 2-8-2003 at Mexico City, with a strange feeling in my stomach. I was exited; my journey had finally begun, but also a little afraid. The next 11 months i would be al on my own and when I will return, I´m not even sure if will get my job back?
Ok, don´t worry and don´t think about it.
Mexico City, a big dirty city with, during the day, a lot of things to see and do, but before and after I felt it a stinky, dirty and boring city. But maybe you have to know where to go? My best experience were; meeting other travellers, seeing Teotihuacan and travelling with, I think, the cheapest and fastest subway in the world. My worst experience were; getting serious ribbed off (we needed to pay much too much at a bar), stomach problems on the 3e day (food?) and running in the ¨fresh¨ morning air of the city....
Up to Oaxaca. A friendly town with lots of things around to see. Of course you can go to the ruins of Monte Alban, but I will also recommend to go to Apoalla, a very small village nearby and to stay there for at least one night between the rocks and nearby a beautiful waterfall, before you go back to Oaxaca!
A lot of people I met in Oaxaca came from or went to Porto Escondino, so I decided to go there too. Although there were 2 nice beaches surrounded by rocks, the main beaches and the village were not very special. I think this is only a nice place to go to if you can surf and if you don´t stay in hostel Shalon.
Following the advice of other travellers, I went up to Manzute. I felt immediately at home! Beautiful surrounding, beaches, hospitable atmosphere, some friendly travellers and not (yet) too many travellers, I hope it stays like that???? After three days I had to say goodbye, a little sad, but too much time doing nothing is not good for my.
Now I´m sitting in Tuxla and ask myself why? The city is not that bad, but everything I wanted to visit today was closed or half closed. I hope the Canyon is still open tomorrow????


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