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We do our best to sell authentic tours and sell them with realistic information.

skip_peru_fairtravel4u_travel_peru_toursThe name Fairtravel4u originated from the wish to bring back more honesty in the tourist industry and treat both our clients and employees in a Fair way. Unfortunately many travel agencies make all kind of promises to 'improve the world', but in practice these promises are often just sales techniques...

They promise and try to sell their clients exactly what they want buy. This might sound great, but isn’t that great if it these promises aren’t realistic. Travelers might start their tour with high expectations and finish with a disappointment.
Like selling a tour in July to the beaches of Peru and Ecuador with great pictures of sandy beaches and sunsets, but not telling their clients that July is winter in most of South America, it is colder and there is a 90% change of having cloudy weather…
Or selling the 2-days Inca Trail, while clients actually only hike one day and over only 6 km over the Inca Trail…

We from Fairtravel4u not only care about selling our tour, we also really want that our clients have the best time possible during their stay in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia. Therefore we do inform our clients as honest as possible about both the positive and negative aspects of their tour options. Although the itineraries of our tours might not look as nice as some of our colleagues offer, all of them are really possible and the pictures are really taken from those places, without even using Photoshop.

The two most important advantages of organizing your stay in Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia with Fairtravel4u are:

1-    If you let us worry about the logistics of your tour or volunteer work, it saves you time. This time you can use to really enjoy your stay in Latin America.
2-    Fairtravel4u works together with some of the best local tour agencies and volunteer projects in Latin America. This way our customers have the advantage of both: Our Dutch skills in planning and local knowledge from our partners based in South America.

NEW: Fairtravel4u is now also recommended by: Footprint South American 2017 Guide Book!

Besides the advantages mentioned above, Fairtravel4u is specializes in:
->    Personal services before, during and after your tour
->    Private services/ customized tours
->    Good and realistic prices/ quality and service rate
->    Free support and contact for international volunteers and trustful local volunteer projects.
->    Tours with public transport where this is convenient, for a more realistic travel experience.
->    Private Spanish lessons by Skype with a very experienced teacher before you come to Latin America.
->    A fine selection of recommendable and original tours to choose from, already with a clear price.
->    We are the only travel agency that combines the information of Amazon Jungle Tours in Peru, Ecuador and   Bolivia, which makes it easier for you to choose your preferences.
->     For us our service is something personal and therefore we only offer tours, volunteer work and information that we believe in ourselves.

The extended profile of Fairtravel4u:

Fairtravel4u is a tax-registered tour operator from the Netherlands, established in March 2011. The company is registered under number 52269698 and we pay tax in the Netherlands under number: 192130493
The official bushiness of Fairtravel4u is selling (customized) tours through the internet. However we do a lot more than that.

Fairtravel4u works together with some of the best local tour agencies in Latin America. This way our customers have the advantage of our Dutch planning skills, professionalism and the local knowledge and experience from our partners based in South America.

In general tourism is now becoming more and more commercial and unrealistic.
On top of everything, tourism is turning volunteer work into a Commercial Business in which companies make money from selling volunteer work to inexperienced volunteers who then go on to have a negative volunteering experience.

Fairtravel4u dares to take a step back, into real life.

The goal of Fairtravel4u is to set an example for fair treatment in both tourism and volunteer work, starting with countries like Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

We offer a more realistic and, if requested adventures, way of organized travelling for flexible travelers who don’t have enough time to arrange everything themselves. Our clients are in general young of mind and are looking for more freedom and less luxury during their tours.

We have learned from over 10 years’ experience in tour guiding that the biggest joy during a tour often comes from the unexpected so we would like to leave some room for this to happen. For example upon arriving at a booked location e.g. a city, we offer the client the choice of a fully-guided tour or a more independent exploration of the site.

We offer service with a personal touch and all the necessary facilities for our clients to book one of several tour options advertised on our website, or a completely customized tour.

Whenever possible we encourage the use of public transport and staying in well-located hotels/hostels with charm instead of sleeping in 5 star hotel chains.

Travelling is much more than just taking great pictures, it is about enriching life with new experiences.  To that end, it’s clear that knowing just a few words of Spanish will improve the depth of your travel experience in South America, therefore we also offer our clients Spanish classes through Skype with a very experienced teacher.

We work together with an expanding network of non-commercial local volunteer projects.
Years of experience have taught us that there are unfortunately many local and even international organizations who take advantage of the goodwill of volunteers.  With Fairtravel4u we want to help with bringing trusted volunteer projects and serious volunteers together. We do not charge any money for this. We just hope that after the volunteer work, some of the volunteers will book a tour with us. Or maybe they come back years later with their family to visit the project that they once helped and then they can ask us to arrange a tour for their family.

Fairtravel4u is not just about selling tours, but also about providing a good service. So for us it is very important that our clients and the volunteers we help have a great experience which will be remembered fondly long after they arrive home.

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