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Ecuador is a very interesting tourist destination with: tours to the Galapagos Islands, Amazon Rainforest Tours and Treks into the Andean Mountain Range as main highlights!
Ecuador is also a relative easy and safe country to travel around. But because its bus system and tourist information centers are not very well organized yet, it is important to be well informed and/ or speak a few words of Spanish before you travel to Ecuador. We can help you with actual travel information and depending on available travel time and budget, we can organize virtually each type of customized tour within Ecuador.
To give you a better inpression about the optional travel destinations, tours and treks within Ecuador, we have already made a small selection of tour options, which can be adjusted to your travel preferences:

Our selection of standard and original tour options in Ecuador:



Ecuador Relaxation Tour - 8 daysEcuador Relaxation Tour
8 days

From: $ 795.00
Challenge yourself to fit a well-deserved rest into your busy live schedule! Step away from your full daily agenda to take a rest in one of Ecuador’s finest natural surroundings, the fertile Valley of Longevity, Vilcabamba! ...
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One week Honeymoon tour in Ecuador! - 9 daysOne week Honeymoon tour in Ecuador!
9 days

From: $ 1475.00
This tour in Ecuador is for those who are about to get married, or planning a second honeymoon and have not yet decided on where to go. If you are looking for something completely different (or maybe you are ...
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Highlights of Ecuador Tour - 16 daysHighlights of Ecuador Tour
16 days

From: $ 1665.00
Although traveling in Ecuador is less known than traveling through its southern brother Peru, we can guarantee that you will never forget a visit to this beautiful country! Everyone who has travelled in Ecuador will agree, but if you ...
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2 Weekse Honeymoon tour in Ecuador! - 15 days2 Weekse Honeymoon tour in Ecuador!
15 days

From: $ 1995.00
Romantic tours in Ecuador: About to get married, or planning a second honeymoon and not yet decided on where to travel to? If you are looking for an original tour, something completely different than a standard honeymoon, why not ...
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Ecological Ecuador Tour! - 14 daysEcological Ecuador Tour!
14 days

From: $ 2400.00
During this tour you travel in only two weeks, to two of the most famous natural highlights of Ecuador and maybe even the whole of South America, the Galapagos Islands and the Amazon Rainforest!   ...
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Yoga and Nature tour in Ecuador! - 14 daysYoga and Nature tour in Ecuador!
14 days

From: $ 2490.00
Bring peace back to body and mind and join us on this amazing journey through Ecuador. Travel over the sacred Andean mountains, passing the Equator, along the Pacific Coast and into the Valley of Longevity! ...
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Yoga and wellness group tour in Ecuador - 15 daysYoga and wellness group tour in Ecuador
15 days

From: $ 2500.00
During this original Yoga Retreat-Tour you will not just stay at one place, but you will also travel around through the spectacular landscapes of Ecuador! Join us on this special journey and enjoy Yoga classes on amazing locations in ...
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A complete Ecuador Tour! - 22 daysA complete Ecuador Tour!
22 days

From: $ 2560.00
Travel through Ecuador and find out for yourself why their national slogan is "Ama la Vida!". Freely this will translate in: "Ecuador, love and enjoy life". Joining this complete tour, filled with natural and cultural highlights, will make you ...
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Galapagos, Amazon and volunteering! - 44 daysGalapagos, Amazon and volunteering!
44 days

From: $ 3100.00
Combine traveling and voluntering in Ecuador and experience in 6 weeks the beauty of Ecuadorian nature, while helping to protect it. During the first two weeks you travel through some of the most beautiful natural areas of Ecuador, including ...
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