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Bolivia is a very interesting tourist destination with: tours to the Salar de Uyuni, tours into the Amazon Rainforest, trekkings in the Yungas and amazing trekkings in the Andean Mountain Range, as main highlights. But Bolivia isn't always an easy country to travel around.
Although there are many local busses to virtually each tourist destination within Bolivia, their quality, safety and punctuality vary a lot.
While traveling through Bolivia there is also about 50% chance that you will encounter a road block and/ or political strike to disturb your travel plans. You will just have to see them as part of your authentically travel experience while traveling through Bolivia...
Because of these inconveniences it is important to be well informed and/ or speak a few words of Spanish before you travel to Bolivia. We can help you with actual travel information and depending on available travel time and budget, we can organize virtually each type of customized tour within Bolivia. On top of that we will also provide a reliable 24h emergency contact within Bolivia.
To give you a better inpression about the optional travel destinations, tours and treks within Bolivia, we have already made a small selection of tour options, which can be adjusted to your preferences:

Our small selection of standard and original tour options in Bolivia:



Adventure Tour in Bolivia! - 16 daysAdventure Tour in Bolivia!
16 days

From: $ 1720.00
Bolivia is a fascinating country with many tour and travel options, that even satisfy the most experienced traveler. Highlights include, tours into the Amazon jungle and Salar de Uyuni. We made this tour through Bolivia for adventures people who ...
(+) more information
Travel throught the Andes of Peru and Bolivia! - 17 daysTravel throught the Andes of Peru and Bolivia!
17 days

From: $ 1950.00
This tour over the Andes is designed for busy people who want to get the most out of their travels in Peru and Bolivia. During this tour you will visit in only 17 days several of the known highlights ...
(+) more information
Travel the Old Bolivian Trade Road - 22 daysTravel the Old Bolivian Trade Road
22 days

From: $ 2365.00
Travel along the Old Bolivian Trade Road, through the Outback of Bolivia, from Santa Cruz to Sucre. Enjoy the rough landscapes and learn more about the history of Che Guevara, who fought his last fight in the hills around ...
(+) more information
Travel the highlights of Peru and Bolivia! - 22 daysTravel the highlights of Peru and Bolivia!
22 days

From: $ 2425.00
Travel in 3 amazing weeks through Peru and Bolivia. Admire the incredible views over the Colca Canyon, challenge your imagination during the Salar de Uyuni Tour and visit the Inca citadel Machu Picchu, one of the most important archeological ...
(+) more information
Travel through surrealistic landscapes of Peru, Bolivia and Chile - 29 daysTravel through surrealistic landscapes of Peru, Bolivia and Chile
29 days

From: $ 2655.00
Travel to South America and discover the surrealistic landscapes of Peru, Bolivia and Chile! Besides that, this tour also provide the best travel route to visit in only 29 days some of the most impressive highlights of Peru and ...
(+) more information
Group Tour through Peru, Boliva and Chile! - 29 daysGroup Tour through Peru, Boliva and Chile!
29 days

From: $ 2950.00
Travel to South America and join one of our adventures group tours! Our next amazing group tour of 29 days through the surrealstic landscapes of Peru, Bolivia and Chile, will be departing on Saturday, the 30th of September 2017  ...
(+) more information
Travel the Silver Route, Buenos Aires - Lima - 28 daysTravel the Silver Route, Buenos Aires - Lima
28 days

From: $ 3070.00
Join this original tour and travel along the old Silver Route from Buenos Aires in Argentine, to Lima in Peru. From the elegant tango on the Atlantic Coast, you will travel through the rugged and desolated landscapes of the ...
(+) more information
Spectacular Bolivia Tour! - 22 daysSpectacular Bolivia Tour!
22 days

From: $ 3260.00
This is the most original and spectacular Bolivia tour you can find online!This tour is a true adventure for people who want be active during their vacation, Travel Off the (tourist) Road and experience the real beauty of Bolivia! ...
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