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Cuenca, Parque Cajas
Cuenca, Parque Cajas

Fairtravel4u specializes in improving your South America experience.

South America is an amazing continent with incredible landscapes, an interesting history and many colorful cultures! Three South American countries that offer travelers the greatest variation in natural and cultural highlight are: Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia.

The most famous travel destinations in these countries include tours to: The Galapagos Islands in Ecuador, Machu Picchu in Peru and the Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia. But Ecuador, Peru and Bolivia have much more to offer. From the archeological desert of Peru, over the gigantic Andes Mountain Range, with snowcapped mountains, colorful lakes and active volcanoes and into the unique Amazon Rainforest! Each region you travel through has its own rich history and local culture, where time is still a flexible concept.

On this beautiful continent, that isn't very well organized yet, we will provide you with tailored service and professional assistance before, during and after your time in South America. Visit Peru, Bolivia and Ecuador, discover their unique nature, learn more about their rich history and experience their culture, but let us worry about your logistics!

Our Special offer for July 2016:   Discover the North of Peru!

Tour details:Buenos Aires_Argentine_Tour
Follow the “Silver Route” from Buenos Aire, through Bolivia and Peru, through colonial towns and surrealistic landscapes and discover more about one of the most important eras in the history of South America!
The important silver mine (Cerro Rico) in Potosi created not only the so called ‘silver trails’ towards the coast of Lima, but also a ‘slave route’ from Buenos Aires to Potosí. Along the trading routes for silver and supplies for Potosi emerged new towns and cities, including La Paz, Salta and Cordoba.
The silver from South America not only played an important role in the history of this continent, but was actually an important key factor during Spanish ruling in Europa!

Special price for this month starting from: 3020,- US$ p.p.

More information about this special tour from Buenos Aires to Lima

Beautiful pictures of South America, thanks to Freelance photographer Guy!


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